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  1. Hey congrats! I'm curious, what was the reasoning for choosing bms over neuro? Faculty, funding?
  2. I assume you're group A because of Stanford? I'm in the second group but maybe I'll see you on Wednesday! Best of luck!
  3. Also waiting... last year they gave interview invites the week of Jan 22-26 so if we made the cut we should hear soon!
  4. Does anyone know how likely it is to be pulled from these back-up lists? Do they just have a pool of applicants in case someone cannot make the interview?
  5. Is it safe to assume NYU and Columbia are done? Also, does anyone know when BU is going to send invites? It looks like it was late Jan last year.
  6. I have. Received a call from the director mid-December and an email the next day (interview). I'm not sure if they are sending them in separate batches though...
  7. Their email on 12/19 made it seem like they would be through January: "Applications will remain under review through the months of December and January. Once all materials have been sorted, we will begin sending official interview invitations..." Hoping for the best.
  8. I know the admissions committee met last week. Based off this year and previous years, top choices receive invites, bottom choices receive rejection emails?, and applicants in the middle are still in the running. I am not sure how this process works though exactly... hopefully we'll get some news soon.
  9. Congrats! I chose group B for UCSD to leave the first half of the week open for BU (it says on BU’s website Feb 24-26). It would be cutting it close but I’m sure someone’s done it haha.
  10. I think so too but I’m not positive. I hope they’re just spreading them out over multiple days, NYU is my top choice so fingers crossed.
  11. Nope not cognitive sciences, department of neurosciences. I believe the deadline was Dec 1.
  12. Another one for UCSD neuro!! Pumped! Got the email ~2 hours ago though so maybe it was a mass batch?
  13. Woohooo just got the call as well! I made sure to turn my phone off silent after I saw your post. The director seems super nice! :))
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