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  1. I got an acceptance call today! the prof who called me said it was up to applicants' individual faculty contacts whetehr they'd call the applicant or not, so if you dont get a call right away its not a problem. but acceptances are going out within the next week. hope i didnt stress you out more than i'm sure you already are 😕
  2. Received an official rejection email from OHSU Vollum/NGP this morning, just fyi
  3. Anyone know if Berkeley is done sending invites?
  4. Received a call from Yale INP around 2:30pm EST. Super stoked!!! interview dates Feb 7-9.
  5. I got a call Dec 14th from the director. Since talking to grad students, i’ve heard they’re done sending out invites for now until they have a count on the number of people who accept them, and as people decline the interview they plan to invite some more.
  6. Anyone know if JHU Neuro is done sending out invites?
  7. Hey, It's me you're talking about. I haven't fully clarified the situation, but the short explanation is yes I applied to OHSU NGP, was invited for an interview with Behav Neuro, and waitlisted by NGP. The long explanation is... longer. I spent a hugely long time on the phone with directors of both NGP and Behav Neuro, talking about which program is more applicable to my interests, because I didn't want to pay both application fees. On multiple days at SfN, I spent a long time at OHSU's booths, talking to current students and faculty about which program to apply to, and subsequently gett
  8. Received an email an hour ago inviting me to interview with Vanderbilt Neuroscience!! Interview is Jan 24-25, with the main interview day on Friday the 25th. I'm so relieved, their IGP sent out interview invites so long ago, I thought NGP must have already sent them and I missed it.
  9. sry to be the only post on here on christmas day - looks like everyone else is taking a relaxing break from gradcafe for the holidays. Wish i could say the same lol Was wondering if anyone has heard from Vanderbilt NGP? I know their IGP made some interview phone calls last week, but I don't think i've seen anyone post about specifically receiving an NGP interview.
  10. big long post ahead, only read it if you're interested in any program at OHSU hahaha Hey ya'll, I'm that person who applied to OHSU Vollum/NGP and got an interview invite for Behavioral Neuro. Interestingly enough, I just got the official "waitlist" notification from Vollum. So it seems like there's some amount of crosstalk between programs... where Vollum got my app and handed it off to Behav Neuro because my interests are somewhat behavioral? Not sure what happened, but I'm grateful to interview at OHSU either way! Also, the email said the following: "We have made some inv
  11. I'm from around philadelphia, and I would love to be at a fantastic school like Penn.
  12. I'm not sure! Everywhere I applied is somewhere I'd be ecstatic to go, and I have a lot of investigating to do on interviews to really nail down a top choice.
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