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  1. I'm going for the second group, see you guys on Wednesday!
  2. Same here!! Declined yesterday.. Good luck to whoever gets the slot!!
  3. Ahahahah I'm accepted by Harvard PiN :)))))) So happy
  4. I've sent 3 e-mails and called.. No reply and didn't pick up the phone.. I know it's a holiday today but still... Well, not sure if this Skype interview thing will still happen or not tomorrow..
  5. Mmmm I see..... Well but for Skpye interviews I think they should at least let me know when I should get up lol...
  6. By any chance, is there anyone here has a skype interview scheduled for next Tuesday with Weill Cornell Neuroscience? They haven't sent out any schedules or anything... I'm very concerned....
  7. Just finished the interview in Harvard program in Neuroscience, they said they received 550 applications this year and this is so far the highest number of applicants they have received over the years..
  8. Oh it's reject or no interview. I didn't get an official letter from them. Not sure when they will be sending out the next round..
  9. Thank you so much, your words made me much more confident . I was thinking that I should just be myself, instead of trying to please the interviewers and the program. Ultimately both I and the programs are looking for the best fit. Especially as a student, I will only be able to attend one school on the end.
  10. First interview at Wash U is coming up within a week.. Anyone has suggestions for what to prepare and what to expect for the interviews? Thank you!
  11. I received mine from a professor who was interested in working with me (the program doesn't have rotations, so you get admitted by specific labs i guess) on Dec. 23rd. And he says that if I am also interested in working in his lab, I will be invited to the recruit weekend (Jan 25-26). Unfortunately I wasn't able to accept the invitation...
  12. Anyone knows if Columbia (Neurobiology and behavior) is done with invitations?
  13. Just got the interview 20 minutes ago! The interview weekend is Jan 23-25
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