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  1. Be sure to check the FAQ sections of the websites to see if you are eligible for fee waivers, and if you are unsure, it doesn't hurt to email and ask! I attended ABRCMS so received fee waivers through that, although I heard some members of my cohort also received waivers by attending SFN. Best of luck!
  2. Can confirm that Brown is done sending out interview invitations!
  3. Current student! I can ask to confirm, but fairly positive that they’ll try to determine your preference during interviews, and ask which you are leaning towards. The NSGP and GPP have different funding mechanisms, and thus different numbers of slots per year etc, so you’d likely just receive an offer from one of them rather than both. The first year/coursework is identical for both, so its really just about preference for location/resources for the remainder of your PhD (RI vs Maryland). Let me know if you have any questions, look forward to seeing you!
  4. I’m in the Brown NSGP if you have any questions on that program!
  5. I dont know exactly what i want to do with my Neuro PhD, but its definitely not academia. Im looking towards industry/government broadly. So working in clinical labs, government research positions (DoD, NIH, govt contracts), research advocacy, unsure exactly yet.
  6. The suburbs and outskirts of town are fine, but downtown and VCU are still pretty rough. I visit friends at VCU a few times a year and theres always something bad happening (assault, theft, etc). If you know how to handle yourself in a city youll be fine, but its just an extra caution that has to be taken in areas like that. A lot to do, but there are def safer city options elsewhere.
  7. I vote option 3. I graduated with a Neuro degree with about a 3.3, and like 3.07 in major (ochem yikes), a good deal of research experience, posters etc. I didnt apply my senior year and opted to to a postbacc instead. Applied to 7 schools this year for Neuroscience PhDs, interviewed at 4, declined 2 immediately though due to fit during the interview and 2 acceptances to programs I loved! Applied: Brown, Mayo Clinic, Yale, USUHS, Dartmouth, Princeton, Weill Cornell interviews: Brown, Mayo Clinic, USUHS, Dartmouth Accepted: Brown (I picked Brown!) & Mayo Clinic
  8. Think about where youd like to live if all else is equal. As someone who grew up a couple hours from VCU/Richmond, I would not want to live there lol. Pretty dangerous/not the best area if you arent used to it.
  9. Just got a call with an offer for the Brown Neuroscience PhD! With my gpa from undergrad being 3.27 (3.07 in major), i really wasn't too hopeful for this round of applications- But I'm ecstatic!
  10. Email! And I wouldnt be worried if I was you, they said decisions would be made from the end of Jan-early feb!
  11. Just got an invite to interview day and open house at USUHS for their Neuroscience PhD!
  12. Haha right? I knew the admissions committee met today, but figured they would send invites tomorrow or next week. Ill see you there!
  13. Just got an email for an interview for Dartmouth PEMM- Neuroscience! Feb 15-17!
  14. Ive heard conflicting opinions on that- my approach was to just call the program and ask if all interview invitatiins had been sent out at that point. They dont have/ask your name so no harm?
  15. They both provide experience in research, however postbaccs tend to be research project oriented, offer graduate classes to establish a grad gpa, many helpful seminars etc. I have heard that they are seen favorably as they are serious/intense research experiences that prepare students well for PhD programs
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