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  1. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Which track at Mayo were you invited for?
  2. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Yale neuro historically doesnt send invites until Jan 3rd
  3. I feel like I am slowly losing my mind over here as many of the biology PhD programs send out waves of invites. It seems like the wave of neuro interviews is typically later than other programs? Im waiting to see how it pans out this year, but last year the dates for the programs I applied to were as follows (stalked the results page): Yale neuro- Jan 3rd, Princeton neuro- Dec 20-22, Brown neuro- Dec 20-21, Weill Cornell neuro- Dec 21, Dartmouth PEMM neuro- Jan 5-13, USUHS neuro-N/a, Mayo Clinic neuro said they are reviewing Dec 15th this year
  4. We have half in common! Ill keep my fingers crossed for the both of us lol
  5. Hey all! I applies to 7 programs (lucky number hopefully lol)- Mayo Clinic, Weill Cornell, Yale, Brown, Dartmouth, USUHS, and Princeton. Ive been living in a state of constant stress, so I made a suspected list of release dates for these programs based on past years interview notifications 😅
  6. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Oh my gosh, I completely missed that. Thank you!
  7. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Would anyone find it helpful to create a separate thread just for interviews? Looking back through previous years, I felt it would have been more helpful to have a thread dedicated to just interview notifications with stats, with the discussions and questions staying in this main thread. Thoughts?
  8. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    Just my opinion, but I don't think you should be worried. I would'nt have been surprised if you applied to even more competitive schools with your record tbh. This is from seeing how similar profiles to you have done- you probably wont get all the interviews bc it all depends on what each school is looking for this cycle, but I would be fairly confidant in having 3+ interviews. I had a friend with a slight higher gpa, much lower GRE and less research get into that Vanderbilt program last year.
  9. glialstar

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    Harvard's PREP application process was honestly a bit of a mess last year. It was not through the graduate portal, rather a separate website. Notifications and navigating the application were a bit hectic. I planned on doing a 1 year PREP, however the option for a second year is comforting if graduate applications don't go well this round- as I can continue taking PhD classes that will transfer, and am working towards publications. My day to day mentor is a senior postdoctoral fellow as my PI is incredibly busy. I see my main mentor every day, and my PI every week or so, but he is available if I ever wanted to drop by. Mentoring through the program is great as well! We have an IMSD meeting every week (with the PhD students, summer students, MD students, etc), journal clubs, grand rounds, and really just a ton of different seminars you can attend. Feel free to PM me with any additional questions! Also, I'd include your GRE as it can't really hurt here-most programs offer study plans and fee waivers to take/retake the GRE.
  10. glialstar

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    I ended up picking Mayo Clinic! I interviewed with Northwestern and Yale as well, never heard anything back from Harvard lol. Its been great so far, particularly as I'm interested in clinically translational research! It has the option for additional years in the program, however I am planning to give grad apps a shot this round!
  11. glialstar

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    @Smeb Oh geez, this entire post completely went over my head. I am currently in a NIH PREP, applied 4 last year! Best of luck!
  12. glialstar

    NIH PREP 2019-2020 Applicants unite

    I picked 7 as well- its always been my lucky number so thought id give it a shot! My schools: Yale, Mayo Clinic, Dartmouth, Princeton, USUHS, Weill Cornell, and Brown.
  13. glialstar

    2019 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I would add in a few more safety schools as I know there are very few spots for international students at many universities, so it might be better if your finances permit to apply to a more broad range of schools.
  14. glialstar

    Realistic Grad Schools

    Thank you for your reply! Columbia is definitely on the list, and Brown has a Neuroscience partnership program with the NIH that I've heard great things about so I thought it might be interesting! As for the west coast, I don't have much family that way, and cost of living in California seems to be much too high on a graduate budget so I just sort of skipped over that region 😅. Id honestly been thinking a lot about having the safety schools myself and agree with you, I don't think I would go to them rather than take the extra year so Im likely not applying to them- this round will be a complete batch of crazy reaches lol. I was unsure if retaking the GRE for the quant score would be necessary as so many schools are discounting the GRE entirely now, looking at it moreso as a pulse check. I took the GRE last year cold turkey, so studying might help, but Im unsure if its worth getting the books and taking the time to study to go up possibly a few points? I really appreciate your advice, thanks again!
  15. glialstar

    Neuroscience/Molecular Biology Admission Stats

    Try filling it out in the below format- helps to better assess your application! Undergrad Institution: (School or type of school, such as big state, lib arts, ivy, technical, foreign (what country?)... Overall Reputation in Biology?)Major(s):Minor(s):GPA in Major:Overall GPA:Position in Class: (No numbers needed, but are you top? near top? average? struggling?)Type of Student: (Domestic/International, male/female, minority?)GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q:V:W:B:TOEFL Total: (if applicable, otherwise delete this)Research Experience: (At your school or elsewhere? What field? How much time? Any publications (Mth author out of N?) or conference talks etc...)Awards/Honors/Recognitions: (Within your school or outside?)Pertinent Activities or Jobs: (Such as tutor, TA, SPS officer etc...)Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: (Such as connections, grad classes, famous recommenders, female or minority status etc...)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where:School - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research InterestSchool - Department - Research Interest

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