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  1. I’m waitlisted at Brandeis and saw that 2 people reported getting the R recently (I didn’t get one). Does this possibly indicate a diminishing availability (people accepting)? I know there’s a pandemic and that may be delaying results but argh, I seriously wish they wouldn’t wait til the very last day! Does anyone know if last-day offers would require an immediate response?
  2. Congrats! I haven’t heard a single thing, not even a rejection. I wonder if I’m waitlisted?
  3. Hey, has anyone heard back from Dartmouth Psychological & Brain Sciences?
  4. I think you would just have to contact them and thank them for the opportunity but tell them your plans have changed and you were accepted to your top choice. From what I understand, if you haven’t matriculated, you’re a free agent. You’ll definitely want to get advice on it though!
  5. Hey, did anyone here interview at one of the earlier Brandeis weekends? What was your experience like? (You can DM if you don’t want to post publicly!)
  6. Did any of you get a weird email from UW Madison reiterating further that all interviews were sent out? It was worded as though it was a reply to an email...but I never emailed to ask about my status at all. So it was, weird? Just wondering if this was a mistake or a mass email?
  7. Brown and Harvard are both done as far as I know and unlikely to consider uninvited candidates.
  8. I did not get the interview (I only applied to one POI so not a surprise) but I did get this. I’m assuming they are holding applicants in reserve or just not making final choices until after they see who accepts offers.
  9. UW Madison NTP just sent an email saying that some invites went out and that they will be making decisions in early March and will be in touch by then or before. Anyone else get this?
  10. Has anyone on here gotten the R from Brandeis? I saw that some interviews went out early, but one person posted they got a rejection. I had an idea that they might wait til the end to send out rejections. Anyone have any clues?
  11. Same! It was a reach school for me so I expected it!
  12. Ok, good to know. I’m interviewing at Brown but haven’t heard from NIH. Which is fine, as Brown is my top choice school.
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