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  1. eevee

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    I'm in Weyburn too and accepted for the same reasons as Dviouz. At least for the first year I just wanted everything to be as taken care of as possible since I don't live in the area... then after I've been there for a bit I can do apartment-hunting in person
  2. Your stats overall look awesome, though you might not want to include the biology subject test (58th percentile probably won't help your application, and most schools don't require a subject test). I might also recommend that you try to narrow down your school list a bit -- 16 programs is a LOT, especially given that 1) you're going to be tailoring your SoP and potentially also Personal History Statement (some schools I applied to asked for both) to each program, and 2) the application fees + cost of sending GRE scores can easily add up to over $120 per program, and you probably don't want to be out $2000 just for applications. If you can, see if you can bring the list down to 8-10 programs; it'll be more realistic and manageable.
  3. I don't think it would help your application, and in fact might hurt it. Talking about your SO, even briefly, probably doesn't belong in your application and may stand out in a red-flag kind of way.
  4. eevee

    The Positivity Thread

    I successfully defended my undergrad thesis today!!!
  5. Seems like there's not really a bad choice to make here -- both are extremely highly ranked and will have super exciting research going on! If you can, you might want to talk more to the advisor at School L/T and possibly also students in their lab, to feel more confident in whether you really want to join that lab. Could you also elaborate more on the 'overall vibe' at S? I feel like egos might be an issue anywhere, so if you're able to get past that aspect S might be a less risky choice with lots of possible research options.
  6. Just a note, I would warn against having at least NYU and UChicago on your 'probably not reach' list -- both are pretty competitive; just from personal experience this year I got into UCLA, Washington, and Cornell but was post-interview rejected from NYU. Overall, I agree with brainlass -- Most neuroscience programs won't have a separate computational thing; it'll depend on the lab you're in. You should look into cognitive programs, as they tend to use more computational methods than, for example, mol/cell or systems-focused programs. I noticed Duke isn't on your list, but it should be! I'm finishing up undergrad there and their Cognitive Neuroscience program has a lot of labs doing computational stuff. You may also want to look into UC Irvine. (Unfortunately both of my suggestions are pretty competitive sorry about that!!)
  7. eevee

    The Positivity Thread

    I just submitted my undergrad thesis to my committee! Defending it a week from today (Y I K E S)!!!
  8. eevee

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    Do you know when UCLA will let us know about our housing assignments? @mccp77 @lordtiandao
  9. Have you gotten the chance to visit School B? If not, is it feasible to do so? It might help you decide whether it's a place you could see yourself living for an extended period.
  10. eevee

    When did it hit you?

    Congrats on taking your GRE!! It didn't hit me until a lot later, probably first when I asked someone to read over my SoP for the first time and then definitely when I submitted my applications over thanksgiving break and saw the toll it took on my bank account :')
  11. eevee

    Undergrad GPA from top university

    Also please keep in mind the fact that undergrad and grad "prestige" are completely different ball parks. I worry when people decide that they want to apply to certain grad schools simply because of 'name brand.' You may be surprised by research fit and general environment when you're applying, and those should be the most important factors in your grad school search. Furthermore (although of course take 'rankings' with a similar grain of salt'), certain programs that aren't considered as 'prestigious' for undergrad may actually be ranked higher than ungergrad-prestigious schools for bio grad programs (one example: UC Davis's biology PhD program ranks higher than UPenn and Dartmouth). That disclaimer being said, though, GPA really barely matters as long as it's above a certain threshold (I'd aim for a 3.5). Research experience, connections, possible publications and conference attendance, your letters of recommendation, and your statement of purpose will all matter MUCH more for grad school admission. I do think staying at MIT is worth it for undergrad simply because your professors will have more connections in the field and may be able to open doors for you and help you find good research experiences and mentorship.
  12. eevee

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    North, I want to be as close to campus as possible!!
  13. eevee

    BS Biomedical Science or Biology?

    On that topic, 90% of the people in my undergrad major were pre-med (in fact, in the senior thesis capstone class the prof asked us to raise hands if we weren't pre-meds and I think all of 4 people raised hands), and depending on what school your daughter is attending, this may be the case with any biological sciences-focused major. I wouldn't worry too much about perception. PhD programs don't tend to 'look down' on people interested in medicine anyway -- it may turn out to be a benefit to have more of a 'biomedical' background especially because she might bring a more translational perspective which can help with the public health relevance statements required in some grants. Like ChallengerSwimmer said, as long as she's focused on what she wants, it barely matters what her degree is in, as long as it's still sciencey. Her research and academic record in general will matter a lot more.
  14. eevee

    UCLA/USC/Other LA-area schools

    Hey! I'll at UCLA in the neuroscience program this fall @mccp77 I just filled out my application to live in grad student housing, so hopefully we'll be neighbors!
  15. eevee

    Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC

    Hey there! I'm currently finishing up my undergrad at Duke, and don't have a car. Durham is super livable with just a bike and the occasional Uber/Lyft. I've never had my bike stolen or really heard from others about bike theft, so as long as you lock it up you should be totally fine. Where are you thinking of living? Also (if I assume correctly) you're going into the CNAP program, right? I'm pretty familiar with most of the faculty and administration (as an undergrad neuro major) so if you have any questions feel free to PM me!!

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