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  1. RIP, congrats everyone ☺️ edit: time to break out the "hey I tried drink" lol
  2. I'm nervous even though I know what it's gonna say...
  3. Oh hey my newfound friends
  4. right behind you, cheers ☺️
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if they kept perpetually pushing it back a day
  6. Riiight! I wish our suffering would just end already 😂
  7. every email still makes me jump haha
  8. woaaaaah, that's wild 😂
  9. Does NSF ever give awards to HMs? If those who are offered the award initially turn it down?
  10. I definitely believe those who have updates today are the winners. I'm just curious if others without date updates are too haha
  11. For sure, but I'm going by the discipline alone. All of us have different BAA titles within computer and computational sciences
  12. Also, no one on the spreadsheet for ARO or AFRL for computer and computational sciences have post- December updates. I'm very curious to uncover the hidden date meanings lol
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