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  1. Really depends on you. I know some people who are all about fit. They'd be fine with publishing few or no papers, if they can do interesting-ish work in a nice environment. I met one who basically told me she no strong research interests at all, and just wanted a PI who was supportive and would let her graduate on time. To be fair, she not only had a BS and a MS from elite institutes, but was also pursuing a PhD at another elite institute and thus had some more postgrad options (i.e., finance/consulting companies that hire for prestige) than most of us. Conversely, I know people who are
  2. Heyo, Rob says no emails until they make decisions. So yeah I guess we're just here with these ambiguous updates...
  3. Big oof. I'm emailing Rob tomorrow to ask about validation. I'm kinda nervous that I didn't get an update this week, but hopefully my 12/5 update was a good sign...
  4. Thanks! This sounds like a mess, frankly. You'd think they would just cover up the dates, if they're not going to explain what they mean... Also, did anyone get an email regarding validation? I haven't 😕
  5. I've been living under a rock...what do the update dates mean? Edit: I submitted at like 2 PM on 11/2, and my last update is 11/5.
  6. yeah i called nsf and they said there was absolutely no way they would accept late letters. sorry to hear about this
  7. i heard they had a lot of apps this year. so things might get sent out later.
  8. big oof. i put the baa file name in the baa title field, submitted, and just realized they probably wanted the specific research area (like life sciences instead of "navy baa"). :/// ...do you think they'll dock me for this? i did write the specific area in my reserach proposal though.
  9. Just turned in my app. Wish I started earlier (my statement could be a bit heavier on broader impacts I think). Just hoping 5 pubs will carry me through.
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