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  1. I wasn't published when I applied last cycle (I'm in grad school now and perusing through this thing to see how the COVID cycle is going), and I got into UCLA for organic and my application at Caltech (for organic) was also heavily considered there.
  2. This is true, I very vividly remember watching (and commenting) on the 2020 thread before it was deleted late spring/early summer. Such a shame.
  3. Just heard back, not selected! All good I suppose.
  4. Nothing heard yet. As someone previously said, there were about ~900 folks who applied this year (usually 700-800), so they might be taking more time to decide who gets interviews, especially if they intend to have the same number of interviewees rather than proportion of people selected. In previous years though, people usually heard back around yesterday or today for interviews.
  5. I want to say it depends on the field and like general pool? Then again, it's kind of a crapshoot... some years people have gotten almost straight E's and weren't even awarded..
  6. Honorable Mention senior undergrad (chem synthesis, IM/BI): E/G, E/VG, E/E Varying comments about the broader impacts of my project, but all said my GPA and research was good and that my personal pursuits were acceptable. ok. I expected this.
  7. The website said April 21st!
  8. honorable mention! senior undergrad in chem, so i'm very happy. I can't wait to try again when I have more experience under my belt.
  9. When they say "released" do they mean they'll email us? How will they notify us? Just wondering bc this is my first time applying (senior undergrad) and I'm also on West Coast time and am a pretty hardcore night owl.
  10. I'm pretty sure they have a category only for people on gap years (level 2, so basically right above senior undergrads, but right below first years). I remember it was a classification on the app. And yes, based on what I've heard from panelists/reviewers, you're only compared to those in your own level.
  11. Before you say anything, I swear this isn't a humblebrag/shitpost, I'm actually being serious. I was fortunate enough to be accepted into some of the top chemistry PhD programs in the country. I've narrowed my final choice down to Stanford, Berkeley, and Harvard, all very good schools that do very good science. I was able to visit the first two schools before the COVID outbreak cancelled visits across the nation, including Harvard's (who then cancelled their virtual visit). I didn't fall fully in love with Stanford or Berkeley, but I want to say that I liked Berkeley better than I e
  12. Thinking of going to Cambridge (Harvard) in the Fall for graduate school. PhD program pays me stipend of ~$38k I think. Does anyone have any recommendations on living situations? What's the on-campus living situation like: dorms or apartments? Would it be ok/affordable for me to rent a small apartment out in Cambridge (like a one-bedroom/studio)? Any advice appreciated!
  13. That first statement is for the undergrad admissions only, I believe. In grad school, they still care about your whole four years, even though your last 60 credit hours are the most important, I believe.
  14. I always kinda emailed them a thank you (and a "hey i'm applying") after we talked. The only instance I actually did this was by a specific request by a PI; she told me "email me when you submit your application".
  15. Domestic applicant (USA) here, 800 (79%, my score) is considered "excellent" according to my very reputable PI.
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