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  1. Congrats!! You deserve it And, thank you for waiting intently with all the rest of us... this journey will be worth it in the end.
  2. I got an acceptance letter from Columbia last night via email! I’m happy and fortunate to have acceptances so early, and to those who are still waiting: stay strong, the vast majority of decisions aren’t out yet! ❤️
  3. I got accepted to Yale!! Via update to the online portal
  4. I emailed my department (chemistry) this week and they informed me that I didn't make it past their departmental ranking. However, I haven't received any kind of rejection from G-C yet.
  5. Hey everyone -- I'm a Chemistry MPhil applicant. I haven't heard any news about admission or GC interview yet...
  6. Why not actually get it legally changed?? You gotta do what you gotta do...
  7. I accidentally cut out my entire paragraph about "future plans" about what I want to do with the degree for 2 of my personal statements (when I was trying to cut down for word count)...
  8. For my applications I just reiterated information or stated the same thing but in a slightly different way. I don't know why they have to make this process so redundant...
  9. Undergrad Institution: Liberal arts college (PUI and few chem majors)Major(s): ChemistryMinor(s): MathematicsGPA in Major: 3.93Overall GPA: 3.86Position in Class: I don't know - my GPA was summa at my school Type of Student: Domestic, white maleGRE Scores:Q: 167 (90th)V: 167 (98th)W: 5.0 (92nd)S: 810 (81st)Research Experience: 2 years undergrad research in the same lab, starting at the end of sophomore year. I was part of 4 projects during this time. On one of them I got a mid-author publication (1-2 IF), and on another we have a manuscript under review (mid-author, 3-4 IF). The other two projects, my prof will hopefully publish within the next 12 months. I wrote and publicly defended my senior honors thesis detailing and tying together 3 of the projects. I also presented each project at some point at school-wide events. 10-week SULI at a DOE National Lab the summer after graduating, with a group of chemical engineers. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: highest departmental and university honorsPertinent Activities or Jobs: Currently serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer during my gap year, teaching in a high school. In undergrad I was a TA/tutor for the chem department for 2 years. I also did a lot of volunteer work mentoring and tutoring children as well as undergrads.Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Div. 1 NCAA Student-Athlete and Senior CaptainSpecial Bonus Points: Strong liberal arts skills. In addition to classes, my GRE verbal and writing complement my quantitative and chemistry scores well.Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: I come from a liberal arts college where STEM is poorly funded and there aren't many quality research opportunities. My prof wrote in his rec letter about how I was resilient and creative not only in my lab work, but also in seeking out those opportunities in the first place.Applying to Where: Harvard, Berkeley, Yale, Columbia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Michigan, Tennessee (Bredesen Center), Ohio State, Stony Brook, Cambridge (MPhil), NSF GRFP, NDSEG I didn't want a long list of applications, but I knew I wanted a variety of reach, match and safety options so that I'll definitely have quality programs to choose from this spring. Best of luck everyone I hope to see you at recruitment weekend!!
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