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  1. Still waiting on Northwestern over here!
  2. Does anyone know when Northwestern’s visit weekends are?
  3. Rejected from MIT and accepted to UNC within 30 minutes of each other, what a weird day Edit: Has anyone else gotten into UNC? Is it normal for them to have no stipend or visit weekend information in the acceptance letter? Edit 2: Apparently “decisions about funding are made through a separate process” and I’ll be notified “if selected for funding” ... is that weird to anyone else?
  4. Northwestern should definitely be sometime this week, based on historical results. It’s also a top choice of mine. Fingers crossed!
  5. In my POI email they said that you can attend any one of the three visit weekends. The deadline to sign up for the inorganic weekend isn’t until early February, so I wouldn’t count yourself out just yet. Also, I don’t think there’s any timeline for when you hear back — there were chem bio folks notified the first week of January, and I didn’t hear anything until a couple days ago. Edit: Also, does the wave of Cal acceptances mean that they were sending emails at midnight on a holiday? 😱
  6. There's no centralized notification process for a lot of schools; professors are given lists of students to contact and they do so at their leisure. It's annoying and nerve-wracking, I know. I heard back from UCB like 2 weeks after others in my subfield and I was also pretty nervous during that time/convinced I would be rejected. The only thing to do right now is to be patient and wait (also the most difficult thing, unfortunately; I'm not doing a great job of it either). If you haven't heard anything by early February, I'd contact admissions to see what's up. As someone else in this thread said, you have the right to know what happened to your application fee.
  7. For Berkeley folks doing the Friday/Saturday thing, they ask us to arrive on Thursday - so do we get hotel accommodations on Thursday/Friday night with Saturday checkout? Or are we supposed to stay with a host for Thursday? Edit: Never mind - if I’d read the form more closely, I would’ve realized it’s the latter.
  8. This isn’t really important, but I feel like I’ve heard back from all of my acceptances a lot later than others in my subfield 😅 For Berkeley, I got the departmental email just 3 hours after the POI contact and it says “by now, you should have been contacted by a member of the admissions committee.” I’m wondering if my surname being at the end of the alphabet means that my decisions are getting delayed.
  9. After getting into Berkeley, yup. But we can and should remind ourselves that we’re our worst critics.
  10. Just got the Berkeley acceptance. Honestly have no words. I’m in shock. I can’t make the chem bio visit weekend so I’ll probably be at the inorganic one, though.
  11. Aside from the trickle of acceptances at the end of December/beginning of January, are there any signs of life from Northwestern? Pretty set on Columbia already since there’s a lab there that’d be perfect for me, but would still like to know.
  12. Yep, happened to me with professors who aren’t listed in my SOP. I think that when the committee meets, other profs will take notice even if they weren’t POIs and will try to recruit you.
  13. I’ll probably call it for sure if I haven’t heard anything by the end of this week.
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