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What can I do this summer to help my application profile?


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Looking to see how I can help improve my application profile before applications open in Sept other than studying/improving GRE scores

currently working in the field i want to do phD in and wanted to see what else I can add onto resume/CV/SOP?

seminars?confernces? (none really coming up in the next 2 months), talks? certifications?


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1) Communicating your research. Is there a possibility for you to work on a paper? Not necessarily first authorship or anything, but is there anyone in the lab working on something related to your work for which you could help develop a figure or two, do some analysis, or help write up a lit review and maybe get a second or third author position? Alternatively, even though you said there are no relevant conferences coming up in the next 2 months, look at ones that are coming up later and submit an abstract / work on a poster for those. While larger conferences are better for networking, you could also look for a smaller, local, or even just university-specific one. For example, my college had undergrad research symposium just for undergrads to present their work.

2) As you're compiling your list of programs, start reaching out to faculty you might be interested in working with and/or students in the programs, and see if you can set up short skype/phone informational interviews. It's low stress but a good way to both learn more about the program and also show that you're a committed applicant. 

Best of luck!! 

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I’m going to mostly agree with what eevee said above. The only thing I would add is to try and network at your institution. You say you’re in your desired field so does anyone in your lab or a lab in your department know anyone at programs your interested in? It is never too early to start looking at programs and their respective faculty and seeing what catches your eye.

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