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  1. Wow- I really need to start checking the dates of posts before I reply. Original reply is below for lurkers. Hi- so I’m not super familiar with the biophysics field, but when I interviewed at Princeton, I chatted with a guy who was applying for biophysics at dinner. So until someone else can give you better insight, I can give you some programs he told me he applied to and what I remember him saying. Princeton: he quite liked Princeton, and he said the biophysics there was quite good and within the department of molecular biology. UCFS: best biophysics, but he wasn’t going to go there because of the cost of living. He said the program was his perfect program except that the grad students told him they had to live 6-8 people to a house to be able to afford living there. Johns Hopkins: again, good biophysics and he said the interview process was great. Didn’t provide much insight. he mentioned a few other programs but I can’t remember them
  2. cephalexin

    moving and housing

    Does your program or university have a housing office or some other equivalent? My international friends all were given connections to local land lords/apartment complexes by the school.
  3. cephalexin

    moving and housing

    Depends on when your program starts and where you are moving to, but it’s never too early to start perusing listings. i have friends who started planning their move 5 months in advance, and I have friends who started planning 1 month in advanced. If you give more information about what city and/or area you are moving to and when your program starts, I’m sure more people would be able to give advice.
  4. cephalexin

    No Publications?

    Publications are definitely not necessary. It’s great if you have one but definitely not the norm. However, having a poster (even if you only presented at your university or something small) showcases your research experience, which is something top programs will want, especially if your GPA and GRE are only average. You said you have research experience? What does that entail? Did you have your own project?
  5. cephalexin

    School Concern???

    I'm not sure if there are major differences in the Speech Path timeline versus other fields, but here are a few thoughts: 1. It's perfectly normal for you to feel anxious in this situation, especially if you haven't heard back from their emails. You could try and call the office for reassurance, but if they told you that you are accepted, it's unlikely for that to change because of this situation 2. The wheels of academia move slowly. Your GRE scores may have needed to be resent from ETS, which takes time and someone at the program probably needs to sit down and manually add them to your profile. 3. As for your thoughts about the university's organization, it's hard to blame them as you did change your name, which would be confusing to most places. I wouldn't hold it against your program. This is likely a very busy time for them.
  6. cephalexin

    Keep A Word Drop A Word

    Please Express
  7. Yeah I agree with this as well. My undergrad was a relatively small unknown college and my PI there said that grad students from our department had gotten academia positions; they just had to work extremely hard for them.
  8. While I agree with this sentiment, it also heavily depends on what kind of professor the OP wants to be. If he wants to become tenure track at a R01 driven or well known institution, yes absolutely. If he wants to primarily teach at an Undergrad only/mainly institution, then that “program rank” means a lot less. edit- i’d also add that it also heavily depends on OP’s field of study.
  9. cephalexin

    University of Pittsburgh

    I am not attending Pitt in the fall; however, I have lived in Pittsburgh for the past 6 years and would be happy to answer any questions! edit- wow I can’t read. Definitely thought this said 2019
  10. cephalexin

    Johns Hopkins Fall 2018

    Which campus is your program at? edit- I can’t read. Thought this said 2019. Whoops.

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