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  1. Someone posted a few pages back that NYU was still reviewing applications and will be sending out notifications by the end of December / early January. It's all hearsay but I want it to be true.
  2. It's safe to assume that all NUIN invitations to interview have been sent, yes?
  3. I wouldn't worry since you submitted everything on time. It's still early and there's a lot of time left to hear back.
  4. Ah, OSAP. Never thought I'd hear that again. I didn't end up applying to Oxford in the end since it didn't make sense personally or financially, but good luck to those who do and congratulations to those who were accepted!
  5. I'm interested in identifying vision-related biomarkers in TBI/ABI, action blindsight, and sensory substitution technology for vision rehabilitation and neurorehabilitation. P.S. Glad to see so much activity in this thread again. Best of luck with everyone's applications!
  6. Has anyone whose research wasn't in the humanities or social sciences been successful? The Four Themes are difficult to link otherwise but I'm just curious.
  7. Is anyone else anxious to get their applications submitted and over with? I've been getting my applications in order since the beginning of the pandemic and now I'm just counting down the days until applications for my programs of interest open later this month.
  8. How are current and prospective students funding their studies/research at Oxford (excluding Clarendon, Rhodes, Fulbright, studentships, and college scholarships)? Where are you looking for external sources of funding? I'm Canadian and living in the US with a US professional degree. I was looking into the Commonwealth Scholarships, the Centennial Canadian Scholarships, and various other small research grants from organizations affiliated with my profession. Just wanted to get some ideas on where else to look. Thanks!
  9. I just wanted to mention how much I love the diversity in this thread. I am an OD thinking about pursuing a PhD in neuroscience as well. I graduated, finished residency, and I've been working for a few years now. I've worked a lot with OTs and PTs when co-managing patients since I do brain injury vision rehabilitation. I have great respect for therapists because I see how difficult it can be. Even though you're not loving the path you're on now, I have to echo @BabyScientist 's sentiment by applauding you for your drive and commitment to see it through. I also believe that working for a l
  10. Well, it's a bit unfair because I have a professional degree and postdoctoral training. I've been working for a few years already and it was a culmination of my background and my experiences that lead me to my current research interests. However, maybe I can give you some insight into how to narrow down your choices. I decided on my current labs of interests for the following reasons: 1) I want to do translational research that can be applied clinically. 2) I prefer to work with human data as opposed to animal models. 3) I'm comfortable with various imaging techniques an
  11. My research interests are incredibly specific and very niche so I don't imagine myself applying to more than a handful of programs. I actually only have 2 in mind at the moment.
  12. I am currently struggling with the same dilemma sans kids. We are newlyweds and my husband is working at his dream job with lots of potential for growth and advancement. I would hate to ask him to leave and we know we want to settle in the city we are in now. Unfortunately, my top choice program is 10 hours away. At the moment, we are open to doing long distance again (we did it during our residencies) but we also want to start a family in the near future. If I am offered admission, I was thinking about asking about relocation assistance for my husband, i.e. we want to see if he can
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