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  1. Hi All, just starting this thread to see where you've heard back from and to share thoughts on deciding where to attend after all admission decisions have been rendered. Good luck to everyone.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm interested in the online Master of Science degree in Applied Economics at the University of North Dakota. I currently live in North Dakota, and am curious if anyone has been in this program or knows anything more about it that can't be gleaned from the program website. Thanks.
  3. timscoffee

    Program Specific Thread: University of Toronto

    Organic Chemistry. I am most interested in the Lautens Research Group, followed by the Batey Research Group, the Yudin Research Group, and the Seferos Research Group. Have you by any chance had any of them as professors or worked under any of them?
  4. timscoffee

    Chemistry Applications Fall 2015

    Does anyone know by chance if MIT has finished giving out offers of admission? Or if they have started sending out rejections?
  5. Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone here is planning on visiting the University of Toronto. Also, please share any thoughts that you have about the program there.
  6. timscoffee

    Chemistry Applications Fall 2015

    Does anyone know when the visit weekends are for MIT and NYU?

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