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  1. Sorry to hear! And good luck with the other projects! I also got the rejection letter and assuming a Harvard rejection at this point also. Now I'm just waiting to hear about some econ programs. Good luck everyone!
  2. Wow! Didnt think people would start talking! I applied to a few econ and a few public policy programs. So far only rejection at econ schools. I got in an Agricultural and Resource Economics program and got waitlisted at an Econ one. About the PPol schools, just got rejected at Michigan for the joint PPol&Econ. 😐 Waiting for Harris, Kennedy and Carnegie Mellon, but not very optimistic... For some reason I had a feeling they would interview (unlike Econ programs) and I didnt get any interviews so far for these schools. Do you know if they all interview?
  3. maybe we can all discuss on this post? ?
  4. I didn't hear a thing. I think it's a bit early considering results from last year, but I'm a bit worried about no interviews. Do most PP schools do interviews? I saw someone had an interview with NYU.
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