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  1. Has anyone heard anything from Scripps these days?
  2. I see lots of acceptances from UW-Madison. But my profile is still open to change and reupload. l feel they have not even reviewed my app! Is that yours like this?
  3. My UW-Madison's page is still open to replace files! I see many who got a acceptance. Does that mean a rejection?
  4. I also noticed this appeared a few days ago. But I've not got any notifications like you. I think it doesn't mean anything. These dates are also on https://education.scripps.edu/graduate/admissions/?tab-3-drawers=1
  5. Has anyone heard anything from Scripps? Seems they send interviews on Dec. 20,21.
  6. Has anyone heard from UW-Madison? I've applied early and the status is like "completed" for a long time.
  7. Yeah, mine is the same and I didn't understand this too. Results of the previous years were all on a rolling basis.
  8. Has anyone applied to Princeton or UW-Madison? My status is only just like "submitted". Is that yours? I was wondering if they have started reviewing or not.
  9. I applied to 8 for chem/chembio. Scripps, Princeton, UW-Madison, Ohio State, Michigan State, Toronto, UBC, and Alberta. Good luck to you all ;}
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