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  1. I know about SLU ranking I know some other universities of lower rank and have a good impact and chances for post-doc (e.g. Rutgers new ark, George Mason University, university of Utah, Colorado State, VCU, ..etc), it's not about rank. I just want to know about its significance, practically? and is it possible to get post-doc out of Missouri, near to the east-coast or not? Thank you
  2. Hello guys, I have been accepted in Saint Louis University (SLU), Ph.D. chemistry Fall 2019 !! How good is the school reputation, do I stand a chance of post-doctoral post after graduation ?? any advise guys !
  3. Don't bother yourself about deadline, it is only to ease the process for them, many people admitted later than you and get admission. I'm like your situation, unlike those applying for Harvard, UCLA,... and get multiple admission offers and still have doubt !!!!!! My Gre is 287, see my post earlier than yours, I applied for Kent State, Wayne State, Saint Louis and Temple ! waiting like you !
  4. Now that most US grad schools have started accepting applications... Here is an old copy & paste profile format to make things a bit easier. Undergrad Institution: Alexandria University, EgyptMajor(s): ChemistryMinor(s): Biochemistry, PhysicsGPA in Major: 3.72Overall GPA: 3.36Position in Class: 1st group, 3rd of 550 studentsType of Student: International, Male, White Middle-EasternGRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 147V: 140W: 3.0S: N/A IETLS : 7.5Research Experience: 10 years R&D chemist in Egypt and Dubai multi-national companiesAwards/Honors/Recognition: Very good with honors graduatePertinent Activities or Jobs: Demonstrator for newly hired employees for 5 yearsAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: 4 internshipsSpecial Bonus Points: M.Sc Materials Science Courses (21 credit hours)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter:Applying to Where: Purdue Emory Case Western Reserve Wayne State Temple Kent State Saint Louis Purdue and Emory (Rejected) may be because of very poor GRE Do I have a chance in case, temple, wayne state, kent state, saint louis ??? Thank you in advance
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