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  1. Thank you all for your feedbacks. Cancer biology was my second choice of programs, neuro being the first. Neuro seemed to be more competitive for international students compared to Bioscience programs. Thats why I initially thought about applying to biosciences with a focus on cancer biology. But after giving it much thought, I have decided to apply for Neuroscience programs. Most of the uni in my mentioned list would remain with few changes, I think. Are there any universities with neuroscience programs I should look into?
  2. Hello. I'll be applying to umbrella Biosciences program (preference: cancer biology) this fall. Applicant: International, South Asia University: Among top 5 of my country Subject: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology GPA: 3.81/4.00 Undergrad. 3.92/4.00 MS (4th in class) Research experience: Over 4 years in Bioinformatics 3 years in Plant genomics and proteomics expression analysis 3 years in Biodiversity (Developed and maintaining an online database on country-wide existing odonates) 1 year - Histopathology analysis of hepatotoxicity induced rat
  3. My results just came in. V161 Q163 AWA4.0. Preparation duration ~45days. I went through magoosh vocabs (Common & Basic) for the first 15 days with continuous article reading from aldaily (1 article/day). I was pretty confident in my maths skills so it was pretty easy for me to brush up my quant ability, completed one module per day from magoosh. Verbal was very tough for me as a non-native speaker, so I had to focus really hard on my english for the last 20ish days: Lots of article reading and problem solving + magoosh videos as well as revising my vocabs (After completing the magoosh comm
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