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  1. @lethalallele Hey Great! And from KC! Very cool town. I've been looking into housing out there. 1st year grad housing is a good deal, but as I have dogs, probably buying a condo, or small house, and possibly taking on a roommate. Can't wait to meet my cohort and get to work... but also dreading the move.
  2. NeuroMetro

    Providence, RI

    @Eggleston Great advice, thank you!
  3. NeuroMetro

    Providence, RI

    So, I will be attending beginning this Fall. My plan (partially because I have dogs) is to buy a relatively low-cost house, and if someone else does not hate my dogs, to sublet a room. Of course College Hill would be ideal, but most places there are over my ceiling of $175k (which to me is hilarious because where I live, you can't buy a condo for that). However, I am seeing listings just about everywhere else (Providence, Cranston, East Providence, Pawtucket etc.). As shopping from another city is difficult, I was wondering if there were any suggestions regarding which neighborhoods to target,
  4. Going to Brown for fall! Anyone else?
  5. Me three... And I just accepted my offer from Brown... and declined UC Anschutz, and UC Boulder... I feel excited, terrified, and utterly disgusted having declined two wonderful programs. Gotta move on.
  6. Good idea or not, that's up to you, and of course depends on what people at your program say about it. And yes, I can understand you feeling rushed. Though look at it this way: I went back to undergrad 11 years out of high school... so there's that. I'll be at a disadvantage of course in my eventual retirement and all that other good stuff, but at least I'll be doing something meaningful. Every year is helpful, though it's all relative.
  7. @proton as I am bit familiar with your situation, have you considered asking your current acceptance institution for a deferred offer? If they are willing, you could reapply to other schools next year, and reconsider your options then (including other types of program/vocation). Considering my current obstacles, I've considered it, not because I want to go anywhere else, just the other crap I'm dealing with. I only decided against it because I am a non-traditional (i.e., older) student, and I am definitely not getting any younger. So for me, every month counts.
  8. I was recently promoted from a waitlist... Currently deciding between those offers... For me it's not an easy choice either way, and I have had a bad family situation materialize that is prolonging my selection. Though if they had not told me with a reasonable amount of time to consider theirs along with my other offers, I probably would have declined it.
  9. If I were in this conversation pre-applications, I would have pointed you towards Brown. They work in neuroprosthetics, and their PhD program allows you to apply for a concurrent masters program (e.g., engineering) at no additional cost (once you are admitted, and if it's alright by your PI). Anyway, I see your conundrum. I guess my best advice would be to try to get the best sense of your lab opportunities. If you can get into one doing the work, I'd say go for it. You can always take classes if you need to strengthen knowledge. Best of luck. I would bet things will sort themselves out for yo
  10. Mine has a bit more to do with outside of school implications now. Pitt is an excellent opportunity. I'd be forced to ask whether the masters would help you to do what you eventually want to, vs beginning Ph.D. work now.
  11. @Superres and @proton what options are you each looking at? I am also struggling, in no small part due to major and unfortunate family event that occurred over the last couple weeks, which has forced me to reevaluate every potential living situation/finances/life in general.
  12. Most housing near DU is suburban, for a long way north and south. Otherwise East and west you get industrial or business parks after the suburbs. There actually is a considerable amount of dining and shopping in that area, however (see Pearl street). You could live in apartments a few miles northeast, off Colorado Blvd, which is near buses+lightrail, and you would definitely get the dining, shopping, and grocery. Though you would also get insane traffic, mostly corporate buildings everywhere, and almost no parks. Further south on that same street, you're right back into the suburbs. Not sure t
  13. Basically dorms, I've only driven by them, never been inside. Bout half an hour walk to campus on foot. Where will you be moving from?
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