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  1. Got an informal rejection email. Back to the drawing board- here's to hoping for better luck in 2017. Hope you guys were more successful!
  2. If it were me I'd just go with the one I was already offered, so long as you like that program as well. But I'm big on safety. I feel like our chances of being admitted from the waitlist after 4/15 are so slim anyway... but who knows! THIS IS SUCH A TOUGH TIME. Going crazy.
  3. Starting to feel like a crazy person!!!!!! Get me off of this waitlist!
  4. This is pretty standard. Not sure if you've heard back yet, but some schools give those with initial offers a deadline of 4/15 to decide. If some of those people decide to go elsewhere and a spot opens up, the program may reach out to waitlisted candidates in the following weeks. I am sure every school is a bit different. I have no idea how being international factors into this process! Best of luck to you!!!
  5. Is it worth it to email the program administrators and let them know I'm still interested? I'm waitlisted at my top choice and hadn't applied anywhere else, so it's not like I'm waiting to accept an offer at another program... just really want to get into this one. Any thoughts?
  6. I'm also waitlisted at USC! I wonder how many others are... is it your top choice? I loved this school and program.
  7. Thought I'd start a thread for those of us waitlisted for Neuroscience PhD programs. Where are you waitlisted? Keep us updated on acceptances too!!
  8. You're giving me hope! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
  9. Anyone on the waitlist for Neuroscience at USC? More importantly, anyone make it OFF the waitlist for Neuroscience at USC?!!!
  10. I hear you! Fingers crossed and keep us updated!
  11. I'm glad this thread is here, even if it's not super active this year! I'm dying over here - waitlisted at my top (and only) choice program, and they can't give me any info about ranking on the list or how many other people are in the same boat. Refreshing my email every 5 minutes is getting olddddd.
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