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  1. Great news! I'm so happy it worked out for you. I like all those smilely faces in your post. I grinned for hours the day I got off my waitlist.
  2. It was me that posted the rejection today. I'm very happy with my decision. I just hope that people who are still waiting on Amherst get the option to go there if they want! Perhaps some of their first choices asked for extensions and that's what the hold up is. I'm sending good karma to those still waiting.
  3. I just got it. This is the wording "In the end, we are able to admit only about 12 into our incoming class. As a result of this process, I am sorry to inform you that while your application had merits, it was not among those admitted."
  4. I haven't heard anything from them either; although, I already informed them that I was taking another offer. I may never hear from them! I just checked the online application and it still says "applied." Good luck to you MHouse! I hope it works out for you this year!
  5. Good luck to you both! I hope you hear good news from them soon.
  6. I did and I'm really excited! Best of luck to you at Boulder! Great school!
  7. I'm picking up some extra work so that I can save up for my move across country! I just did an online gas estimator and it's going to cost me and my SO $1000 to drive our cars from VA to WA! Geez!
  8. That's great! Good luck with the other two! Let us know how it goes!
  9. Congrats on the decision! Miami is going to be a warm, fun place to spend a few years. I'm happy for you!
  10. WAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I"m THRILLED for you. I was really pulling for you. In fact, anytime I came across your posts on the forum I'd look to see if there were any changes on your signature. I'm so glad to hear it. Congrats! Enjoy those peaches!
  11. So, tomorrow is D-Day for many people. Good luck! People still manage to get off the waitlist after the 15th, so keep heart if you're still waiting!
  12. First of all, I empathize with your stress and I think it's very understandable to be feeling the way you are. Here are some additional things you might look into/talk to fulbright about: 1. I'd recommend calling or emailing Bloomington to alert them to your situation and ask them if you have a chance at funding. Calling would obviously get a quicker answer. 2. Call or Email Miami and Mizzou to explain your situation and to ask what sort of on campus jobs an international student could get. Foreign students are allowed to work on campus and many do. Find out if you are eligible for work-s
  13. I'm in 50k debt for my MA. Although I do not regret doing the MA (it led to some amazing things), at this point, I would not chose to go into debt for my next degree. It's hard to have that money hanging over my head and knowing if I pay the minimum payment over 20 years, it will double my total payback to 100k. I wasn't smart about money the first time around, but I'm determined to be next time. This all being said. An education is not just about money and landing a job, it's about the experience of learning and growing in an intellectual community. If that is worth 100K to you, then go f
  14. I wouldn't have stressed so much about getting a good score. I got a decent score (translation: wouldn't get noticed as impressive but wouldn't put me immediately in the "no" pile) and I'm very glad that I did not re-take it. I decided to spend time on other parts of my application and visiting schools. I think this was the best approach for me and I don't regret it in the least!
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