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  1. As a student of "new media" myself, I do like the idea of non-traditional presentations of dissertation materials. I think electronic presentations are totally legit, but...this isn't research. This is a blog - not just in form, but in content.
  2. I just submitted a panel to NCA (fingers crossed) and will be submitting a paper to AEJMC next month (other fingers crossed).
  3. I can't believe I started this topic 2 years ago. Wow. I'm currently in the Telecommunications program at Indiana. If anyone has any questions about the program, feel free to ask, or message me if it's something more "delicate". Good luck to those of you applying this year.
  4. kdawg: Unfortunately, I don't know much about NYU's program, though the PhD program is well-ranked, and that has to be a good sign. But it really is true that how the program fits you is the most important thing. I finished my Master's a few years ago, and have been working in a semi-related industry field since then. I wanted to take a few years off from academic pursuits to make absolutely sure that I wanted to go the PhD route. Turns out that I am! (I think!) StudyMom: Woo, good luck with UGA. I know someone in the PhD program there who is loving it, according to our advisor. (
  5. Applying for PhD programs this year - accepted to UConn Communication, Temple Mass Media & Communication, and Indiana U Telecommunications. Waiting on Ohio U Mass Comm still. Leaning toward Indiana, at this point, as it seems the best fit so far. You?
  6. Very true. Both of my acceptances so far have come in skinny little one-pagers. The fat envelopes with equally fat funding offers came later.
  7. Where the hell are you people? God, I can't be the only one...
  8. Love the new one. Much easier to read, much faster search, and I like that it defaults to chronological order within the search. Thumbs up!
  9. BadWolf

    Philadelphia, PA

    So, I've heard that the area around Temple is nasty and not very safe, but that's just second- and third-hand info. What's the story, for anyone who's been there? What are housing options like for grad students? If you want to live out a bit, how much are you going to spend getting into the city via train or bus? Or, if you drive in, what's parking availability like?
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