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  1. will do her best to respond to queries via PM.

  2. We switched from Comcast to AT&T as soon as we could, here in California. Comcast was $40 for slow (for gaming), unreliable internet. I used my campus's internet as much as possible. Our internet went out on me the night one of my grad apps was due. I had to send it using a neighbor's wifi to make the deadline! But you gotta use what you gotta use.
  3. Jae B.

    Berkeley, CA

    I make it on 15k, sharing. It's definitely possible to live on 19k if you rent a studio between 700 - 1,000 / mo., so you get a space to yourself. Tons of grad students, myself included, haven't needed a car around here — you get an AC Transit bus pass that'll get you around and there's BART for when you're in a hurry.
  4. Jae B.

    Berkeley, CA

    From what I've observed, it's pretty competitive in the Berkeley area (including those medical records jobs!), but there are always odd babysitting jobs around Albany. There are some slimy part-time marketing jobs — and a few okay ones. It gets easier to find work if you don't mind commuting towards San Francisco.
  5. I just finished a two-day orientation. Tried to dress up the first day, my nice pants, favorite pullover. Looked good enough for our class photo. Second day: t-shirt and blue jeans.
  6. I agree with adaptations, actually. I'm almost positive it would be valuable for an art history master's (and definitely better than a cold third letter from a professor) but far less so for a PhD application, where teaching is all they care about. Since the OP said working in a museum is part of their career goal, an internship letter would be part of indicating they're working towards their goal appropriately and are applying their academic knowledge to their professional work. Maybe more informed answers would come from the art history forums, though?
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