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  1. I don't know about that campus, but the city if fantastic. Apartments tend to be small and expensive. Geneva is, after all, an international center that is geographically limited due to its close proximity to the French border. I was admitted to UNIGE for this fall, and looked into apartments. I found rooms that cost about what an apartment over here might cost (depending on where) in the neighborhood of $500 a month...but they're bedrooms (some with private baths) instead of apartments. The city is clean, but too big to be what I call quiet. There are websites to help you find lodging, particularly if you know some French. Bonne chance!
  2. You had two interviews. That seems to indicate that you must have a strong application. Perhaps it's just a question of finding the right programs that will value your strengths. As dark as it appears and as bad as you feel right now, when you've calmed down a bit and can evaluate the situation more objectively, you may decide to look for other programs and try again next year. For your own sake try not to compare yourself to others, within or outside of your family. You matter and are important to people just the way you are! Good luck with this insanity.
  3. I can't remember where I read an answer to your question, but it was somewhere on this site. The person who posted it said he thought schools/departments sent decisions in waves. The first admits went to students who were absolutely outstanding in every way. Likewise, the first rejections went to applicants who obviously could not be considered. Then, depending on how many of the outstanding admits accepted their offers, the schools worked through their second tier applicants to select the ones they wanted to invite to fill the remaining slots. Schools worked through their applicants in this way until all their spots were filled. So the gyst of the post was that if you have not heard anything, it might not be a horrible thing. You could be considered in the second wave of admits since you have not been immediately rejected. Hope you are happy with the admits you get! Good luck!
  4. St. Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of students, but it can't hurt to ask more than one saint to help out!
  5. Go on the interview and make it a positive experience. Things can turn out very differently from how we expect them to, and that 90%-sure school might waitlist you or even decide not to accept you. If you don't go to the second appointment with a positive attitude, you may miss out on a good thing. You might want to keep all your options open until you know (100% certain, in writing, etc) that you are accepted at your top school and can attend. Good luck to you!
  6. In my dream, all the applications that I'd submitted were Incomplete, it was past their deadlines, and the adcoms would not be even look at them. In the dream I kept hitting refresh, checking emails from schools, and looking at the status of the apps just in case it was wrong. Nope.....they were ALL incomplete. I woke up suddenly and had a hard time falling back to sleep. In the morning, I checked online to see if they were submitted and complete....just to be sure.
  7. Great advice! Your POI could invite you to visit with him/her at another date; maybe that person can't attend the scheduled event. Do their program webpages indicate that applicants who are not invited to an interview could still be accepted? Good luck to you!!!
  8. This is the first time I've ever applied for graduate school, and I'm applying to plant and soil-related Masters programs. Does anyone know if these programs generally interview (via phone, Skype, or on-campus recruitment events) Masters candidates or do they tend to put more emphasis on their PhD candidates? From the Results Search details here, most of the posters have been PhD students. The websites at the schools where I applied do not specify whether they conduct interviews for all applicants or primarily PhDs. Just trying to rationalize the silence of the ad coms. Anyone have insights or thoughts please? Thanks!
  9. That is a VERY good email! Congratulations and good luck on your recruiting event!
  10. Good luck with that monster, fieryfox99.
  11. Love it! Thanks for lightening the mood while we wait it out.
  12. Does anyone know if colleges update admission decisions (online log in and check your status) on weekends or just during the work week? No sense looking at them on weekends if they're done during the week.......*sigh* Thanks for your insight and good luck to everybody!
  13. I called the forgetful prof and he was very apologetic. That very day, he submitted three LORs for me, and he did some more the next day. An assistant in the department at one of my schools assured me that the application was not too late to be considered. Of course, that doesn't mean I will get accepted, but it's a relief anyway. Good luck to all of us!
  14. You are an application ninja! Thanks for the laughs and interesting information.
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