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  1. Hi all, I did my TOEFL IBT exam almost 2 years ago, so it will expire later this year. Could I still use that score for university applications? I would also have to send the score a bit earlier, probably a month before some universities start receiving applications, since it will soon expire. Of course I could just do it again, but it's a good score and the exam is definitely not cheap. Anyone with a similar experience?
  2. GermanStudent, would you mind saying what GRE scores you sent? I'm thinking on applying this year to some schools, my GRE Quant score is 158, but I'm not sure if I should retake the exam..
  3. I agree with what you guys say, but now I'm starting to ask myself if applying to the same program that rejected me last year is a good idea.... My profile hasn't changed that much, so maybe it'll be just a waste of money.
  4. Hi all. I'm thinking on applying to the same program and school that rejected me last year. I didn't contact many professors last time, which probably was a bad idea. I'm thinking on contacting several this time, but how should I approach them? Should I tell them that I was rejected last year? Should I ask for feedback on my previous application?
  5. I suspect the GRE Quantitative score had something to do with it. Maybe it's too low for their standards. I'd love to reapply this year, but my profile is basically the same and applications are not cheap at all. 1) I don't think so, I chose the Software option in my major so some of my classes were Software Engineering, Algorithms, Databases, Compilers, etc. It was basically Computer Science. 2) Early January, I applied on like October or November.
  6. Hi all. I applied last year to a couple of Canadian universities (for a MSc. program) and unfortunately I didn't get accepted in any of them (Waterloo and Alberta, my fault for only applying to these two). I got an industry job now, but my dream is to get into graduate school and I want to study a Master's degree first. Here's my profile: International Student Major in Computer Engineering from Top 5 university in Mexico. GPA: 9/10 GRE: Q: 158, V: 157, AW: 4.5 (Yes, I know the Quant score is low) TOEFL IBT: 110/120 No research experience My LORs were from professors who I took c
  7. I started looking for jobs! I gave up a few weeks ago on grad school (for now) though. It'd have to be a miracle for me to get accepted this season.
  8. Is there anyone still waiting for their decision? I know I'm not getting accepted but this is starting to get ridiculous. Come on, UAlberta, just send the rejections already!!!!!
  9. I'm wondering the same thing. I still haven't heard anything from one school (whose acceptances have been sent out weeks ago and I doubt they'll send more). The worst thing is that it seems they're also ignoring my emails asking them about the decisions' dates. I know I'll be rejected, but it's just unsettling the fact that I haven't got a single response from that school.
  10. I'm wondering if something like 6 months of working experience as a software developer can really help my application, as I have no research experience. For a Master's program (thesis based) application, that is.
  11. I applied only to a couple of places. Already got rejected from one, and another rejection is imminent from the other school, they just wait until April to send all the bad news. To be honest, I was so confident that I was gonna get in that I didn't care much about my backup plan, and now, here I am, with no acceptances in late March. My backup plan now is to get a job and pretend that nothing happened. I'm not even sure if I'll apply again next year, I'd love to but this whole process requires too much time and money, and I'm not sure if I'll have that once I begin working. :/
  12. I'm still waiting for a school's decision, but so many acceptances have been sent out already that I think a rejection is imminent. I feel like a piece of crap: all that money on applications' fees down the drain, studying for the GRE, and chasing down professors to get recommendation letters, all for nothing. Such a waste of time, and the thought of doing it all over again just to get another chance next year makes me even more depressed.
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