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  1. From what it sounds like, the question seems to be do you want to spend $500-$600 now to have a mini-vacation in city B that happens to have an academic component? A sounds like a pretty fantastic option, even if the location isn't quite as ideal as B. Frankly, from what you've said it sounds like everyting about B would be suboptimal compared to A (and, actually, pretty miserable), except for the city. Can you imagine some other opportunity that would bring you to city B in the future?
  2. And, since you might occasionally need a change of scenery, Philadelphia also has a bar with wine on tap: https://www.triacafe.com/taproom/ ...I miss that city
  3. Congratulations! (Phenominal staying power as well)
  4. To echo jeudepaume's question and motivation, is there anyone around from Duke?
  5. Congratulations to everyone with good news today! Bon courage to those who are stil waiting.
  6. Not keeping spreadsheets with tasting notes? tisk. Edited to add: supposed to have been a joke about wine tasting notes. Might have come across too harshly.
  7. THIS. I can't give any more upvotes today, so I'll echo James above and +1 it.
  8. Thank you, TMCB! Also, as an aside for everyone worried about negative outcomes.... this was my third cycle of admissions. There is always hope, especially if you work (very) hard and have a few lucky breaks.
  9. I just got the formal notification, so I'm ready to go public: I am delighed and very, very relieved to claim a Duke admit.
  10. Grats Tremblay! (Also, like the beer that your name reminds me of )
  11. Yes and no. An admissions notice is nice validation (I'm given to understand...), but, really, is just the entrance ticket to spending 5+ years striving and swimming in bigger and bigger ponds. The admissions notice isn't validation of intellect or worth. Personally, I had a crushing round last year: waitlist agony exacerbated by hard personal choices with the direction of my life. Finally, the way out was to ask myself what, exactly, it is that I want out of having a phd (besides the letters, of course) and what kinds of steps I could take towards creating an emotionally acceptable
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