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  1. You should probably post this in a field specific thread. 12 might be outrageous in some fields, but in others 15-20 may be the norm! In my opinion, 12 sounds just about right for IR MA programs.
  2. If it makes you feel any better, when I applied to this one school I panicked that the GRE score wasn't received, so much so that I ordered a second report THEN emailed them about it. The secretary had said it wasn't PROCESSED yet. I wasted $25 dollars. I sent it the first time with a department code and the second without. All you can do now is just wait for an e-mail from them.
  3. They should have received them irrelevant of whether you included a department code or not. Maybe it has not been processed by the school yet?
  4. I took the GRE on Sept. 11th and started my SoP on the 12th. I think I am finally done (Nov. 21st) with editing the writing sample, CV, and SoP (including personalizing it for each school), but knowing me, I will still read over them until I actually submit. Official transcripts (only for the schools that require a paper copy) have been sent, but some have yet to receive them. Still waiting for some letters to be submitted...
  5. US based Professors I use "best" European based Professors I use "best wishes"
  6. I know all of my letter writers wrote letters that could be submitted to all schools. They are professors, they don't have time to personalize each letter to each school. However, I am in a different field where it is the norm to apply to 15 schools...
  7. Cesare

    Plan B?

    After reading the thread about finding a husband in graduate school, I read the title of this thread and instantly thought "omg, they are discussing birth control." Anyways, I agree with this:
  8. I regret not going to a different, better school. I feel very bitter because I see what other courses schools offer their undergrads. Courses that would make me a stronger candidate for graduate school, but I was unable to take because it was never offered at my institution. I am irritated because I paid the same amount in tuition, but received less education. Now I am stuck competing against people who had the opportunity to take these courses. If I only new then what I know now... *I did take advantage of opportunities like research projects, etc., but I still can't help feeling angry. I feel cheated.
  9. I cited the one and only Professor who is working on my topic just once. I think it helps situate my topic in the literature, but the questions I asked had nothing to do with this Professors' work. I also mentioned other Professors who are working at different schools who have done similar, but different work. Not sure how you are writing your SoP, but I situate my "original" questions in the literature. There is nothing wrong with mentioning literature, but you need to make sure you are not emphasizing a Professor to the point where you make it seem that no one else is capable of supervising you and/or you don't have your own questions.
  10. I have the same problem you do. I stayed with my unique/new field, but I did a lot of work relating my research questions or actually changing the questions within this research area to related to each school/professors interests. Of course, this was not possible for every school, but I am hoping for the best. My previous research papers were more mainstream, so I am hoping that I don't come off as crazy. However, at the same time, as hard as I tried, I could not come up with an interesting question that was not in this new area, which is why I stuck with it. I would rather have an interesting/strong statement of purpose, then a weak one. Also, my writing sample is related to this topic... Monochrome Springs' advice is very good especially if you are in the hard sciences.
  11. It is fine, but don't use it too often. I think I used it 2x in my 1200 word statement. Example: "I would like to examine X and Y..." or "I enjoyed this topic because..."
  12. I had the same problem. I was able to access it through a proxy like hotspot shield.
  13. I had 3 quant and 2 verbal both times. They do not switch it up based on what you got before. It is completely randomized.
  14. Some programs will allow a fourth some will not. I doubt they will toss the fourth (Actually, I am sure this will vary greatly by school). Adding a fourth will not harm your application as long as it is not a negative letter. Also, some schools weigh letters more heavily others less so, therefore, it may help, but who knows.
  15. I am having the same problem. Before totally reorganizing it, I was very happy with it. Now I wonder how in the world was I happy with that, but it has gotten worse... I am now asking myself how else can I improve it? I keep on making little changes here and there. BUT I am now wondering if my decision to present a series of research questions rather than just one and go into detail about it was a good idea. There are just so many ways to write a SoP.
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