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  1. A little bit of background info: I'm a masters student in an MFT program, with a GPA of 3.7. I've also been working in a psychiatric hospital for the past year, as well recently working at an outpatient. I'm looking to apply to MA/PhD programs in Clinical psychology w/ a supervisor that focuses on Schizophrenia. Recently, I've began the application process (yet again) and my nerves hit the minute I pressed submit(yes, I've already turned two in). I match with the schools I'm applying to pretty well, but I'm nervous that my horrid GRE scores and subpar undergrad GPA could get in the way of
  2. No, I actually have my interview tomorrow! Your advice has really helped my nerves but I'm still nervous about the individual interview. I can just picture myself having a meltdown . In terms of meeting my competition, I really would rather not know who I'm up against, like how nerve-racking. But I'm still happy to at least have the opportunity to get into the program! I really like the program, so I'll suck it up!
  3. Did you all tour the campus as well throughout the day?
  4. I received an invite to a group interview for a master's program and I am beyond terrified! Does anyone know from experience how group interviews go? What kind of questions do they ask? And does this mean I have more competition going into the interview? I'm so scared to be interviewed next to my competition!
  5. No! I waited 2 1/2 months to find out I was wait listed, then accepted two days later. Don't bank on a long wait or silence as a 'no'.
  6. Is it possible to be rejected from the Waitlist before they fill all the spots?? I was hinted that I'd know my official admissions decision but I'm so scorned from past rejections that I'm scared it's gonna be a no . lol
  7. DO PEOPLE GET OFF THESE THINGS?! Success stories needed ASAP.
  8. When is it safe to start assuming you've been rejected?
  9. I applied a few months back to a program and received no word from then since. No update on the website, no email back, nothing. But today, along with a few other applicants in another degree program, I received an email inviting me to an open house near the absolute end of April....Mind you I've received no word on the program's decision and April 2-th is near the absolute end of the decision process. Someone please translate what this means. I have no clue as why they acknowledge my application in the email and then extend an invite to an open house :/ Btw, it's a masters program.
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