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  1. Update: Not sure exactly what happened but my advisor has done a 180. He is friendly, encouraging, smiles a lot now, and overall the relationship is good. This change coincided with my completion of a big project I had been working on as part of my RA duties. He did tell me that I did a really good job and that my work was being shared with others in the department and being utilized in various models.So I guess my successful completion of the project and job well done is what turned things around. Not sure why he was so tense about it before though. Maybe he was receiving pressure fro
  2. Do you already have some roommates lined up? Some apartments provide roommate matching. http://rentutk.com/#search/bedrooms-3/
  3. Hello. I personally live in the Bearden area, which is close to campus. The location is fantastic! There is a greenway which runs from my apartments (well across the street from my apt) all the way to campus. If you're not familiar with the greenway, it is a paved bicycle/walking path that runs through the city. I often ride my bike from my apt to campus via the greenway and I only have to cross two streets the entire way. It's about a 3 mile bike ride that takes me 15-20 minutes. I live in huntington place apartments. Quite a few grad students live around me. It is also within walking distan
  4. Haha no problem! Like I said, I'm glad to help, I remember how excited I was when I moved out here.
  5. When I moved out here I had no idea what to expect. I had never visited and my experience with the south was a few visits to Arkansas. I was worried it would be a lot like Arkansas and super southern. By southern I mean, super conservative, religious, racist, and lots of strip malls with little to no character around the town. I have been pleasantly surprised since the day I got here. Not only does Knoxville have lots of character, but people are a lot more liberal than I would've ever expected. Now I come from Oregon originally and have lived up and down the west coast and I came here af
  6. Hey there, Don't know anything about the MSSW program, but I can tell you about Knoxville in general. Currently live here and I really like it. I also came here for graduate school. This is my second year so I'm still learning things about the area, but I can tell you quite a bit. Its hard for me to say how big the campus is. Its big. Big enough to have an excellent bus system that is strictly for students at no charge. But if you're in Henson Hall, then you'll be across the street from the bookstore and student union, close to the library, and close to pretty much everything you need
  7. Hahaha thanks! These two comments made me feel a lot better.
  8. No actually I'm the most senior student of his. I'm a second year PhD. There is one first year PhD and the two others are first year MS students. That's why I was initially thinking that he is just babying them. It hasn't always been like this. During my first year, even though I didn't see him that much he was always really pleasant around me. It may be a case of me trying too hard and thus not really being myself around him. I don't know. Its probably best that I just stop focusing on it and let the relationship just take its course.
  9. Thanks everyone for the comments. I guess for now I'll just keep my mouth shut, head down and work my ass off. It is early in our relationship. In my program first year students take all of their coursework in Economics dept even though our assistantship and offices are located in a different dept on the opposite side of campus. At the end of the first year, we take an insanely high pressure written qualifying exam in the economics dept. If we pass, we advance to the 2nd year and start taking more courses in our home dept. So even though its the start of my second year, I really haven't s
  10. Seriously I don't know if I did something or said something to piss him off, but he obviously doesn't like hearing me speak. In our weekly meetings he is all jokes and smiles with the other three grad students. But with me he's all stern and makes this face like he wishes I would just die. So I asked him how I was doing. Here is how it went. ME: "So, how am I doing?" HIM: "Good, you're doing just fine." ME: Oh ok.... [Awkward pause] ME: "I ask because its hard for me to read you sometimes and it seems like you're upset with me." HIM: "No, you'll know if I'm ever upset with you." ME: [
  11. I'm sure many people have been through this before. And just like them you will make it also. I had written qualifying exams after completing first year of Economics PhD and it was insanely stressful. Tons and tons of pressure. The rumors before the exam were that only about 40% pass each year. The rumors turned out to be true. We started with a cohort of 16 and only 7 of us passed at the PhD level. Everyone gets two attempts in my program. I completely bombed it my first attempt. I was just way too freaked out the first attempt. I was so nervous I nearly had a panic attack when they h
  12. Why don't you just sit somewhere else?
  13. Finally today I found out...I passed my qualifier!!! Had to take it twice. Bombed it the first time. Only 6 out of 17 of us made it to the second year!! Phew! I feel so lucky and blessed! It feels so good to be a second year PhD!!! Maybe now I'll have a shred of a life, and hoping for a badass internship next summer!
  14. visit the following for tons of info on admissions to econ programs.http://www.urch.com/forums/phd-economics/
  15. So close to being a second year! Must pass qualifier exams to move on to the second year. Status TBD!!
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