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  1. Read_books

    Delete account

    I would like to delete my account please. Thank you!
  2. Read_books

    Low GPA

    Work your butt off on your applications, get stellar recommendation letters, and do everything in your power to show how you overcame those hardships. You have a resume, you have a chance. I just accepted I was working from a disadvantage from others with my GPA and worked to death on my essays and with the writers of my LOR. Luckily, you picked a field that's understanding of hard times hitting. Good luck!
  3. Read_books

    Low GPA

    A lot of schools will offer you the option to submit GRE scores if you felt that your GPA did not reflect. My GPA was under 3.0, my GRE scores were not great and I got in to all but one of the schools I applied to. You have to have something else though. I worked and volunteered for 3 years before applying and I think that was my saving grace.
  4. Read_books

    What happens if you accept two offers (MSW 2015)?

    I think I'm just going to have to reserve both spots. I have awful but it's adiffe of SO much money.
  5. Read_books

    What happens if you accept two offers (MSW 2015)?

    Thanks! I was wondering the same. I'm like how am I supposed to make a choice BEFORE any financial news is shared
  6. I'm in a similar boat but my non-profit is really small and my job is going to be really strange to transition. I'm personally telling my boss as soon as I make my choice. If I stay nearby he will drop me to part-time. I have numerous projects I need to transition out of, and he wants me to be a part of the hiring process for the person who comes in behind me. I'm very close with my boss and when I started the application a year ago I asked him flat out how he preferred I handle it, and this was his preferred response. However, I am promised job security until I move on. I'll be leaving at a time my office gets crazy busy- so being able to prepare the office for the transition ahead of time saves A LOT of stress. I agree with the formally mentioned- ask your former supervisor who wrote you a recommendation letter.
  7. Read_books

    Knoxville, TN

    WOW. First off, thank you for such a detailed response. Secondly, what beautiful writing skills you have I seriously could imagine the town through your description. That sounds amazing. Everything you described are my exact ideals. I definitely could fall on the "crunchy" spectrum myself and what you described would be my picture perfect campus and town. The program and the school sound absolutely amazing... I really appreciate you taking the time to writing such a thoughtful response. That was exactly what I was looking for!
  8. Read_books

    Knoxville, TN

    Thanks so much for a response. I LOVE hearing about the outdoors, and have friends in Chattanooga. I meant Ohio State University- which is HUGE. I'm so in love with Tennessee and everything around campus. I'm from the north, and lived in both the south and midwest and I'm a little worried about "how southern" the campus feels. When I previously lived in the south I was happy on campus, but going to far off campus was difficult for me but it was in the boonies and a very poverty perished town so maybe not the best gauge of living in the south. How is the school? So far I have found admissions and my program people to be helpful and friendly. I worry with a bigger campus that professors office hours will be tighter and it's harder to form relationships with them- do you find this to be true? Also, do you find UT to be a party school? Or does it calm down a lot with the graduate students. Thanks so much!!
  9. Read_books

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    I keep looking at everyone else's grades and dying a little. BUT - I just got accepted into my first choice school. Here's a little hope for the UNDER 3.0 GPA crew - we can do it
  10. Read_books

    Knoxville, TN

    Bump. I just got accepted to UT Knoxville and it's my top choice. Anyone have experience with the MSSW program? Also, I'm interested in campus life. I went to a small liberal school - how big is the campus? I'm familiar with OSU campus and it's just too big! And more importantly- I'm hoping theres a good stock of outdoor people
  11. Read_books

    Anyone heard back from Ohio State or Case Western?

    Congratulations! (And good luck) Can I ask what your stats are that you are applying with?
  12. Read_books

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    No, the portal remained the same looking. I'm not competitive at all though, I honestly just said well... shit, here's a hail mary shot! So if you haven't gotten a letter I bet you passed to next round.
  13. Read_books

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    I got my rejection letter yesterday. I submitted December 20th. Good luck!
  14. Read_books

    Fall 2015 Applicants

    How do you know the decison was made?
  15. Read_books

    That fake out moment!

    HAHA. An email from Denver is what sparked this whole topic thread! They repeatedly send confusing emails, and have sent snail mail showing off the "beautiful campus" that I already know about because I applied, like two months ago to.

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