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  1. Salut! I absolutely NEED that shirt in my life, thank you for sharing. I have heard great things about the Francophone community in Madison, which is a big part of why I decided to come here. I've been teaching in France this past year, so it will be nice to be able to keep up using my French outside of an academic setting. I've already secured housing through a friend that's in Madison, but I'm definitely planning on coming by La Maison Française.
  2. Hi everyone! I'm moving to Madison in the fall for the Professional French Masters Program and I am SO excited to be a Badger! I've heard great things about Madison.
  3. That does make sense. If you want to be closer to downtown than WSU, I would suggest looking at places in Oakwood or Kettering. Oakwood can be pretty pricey because it's a really nice neighborhood. That being said, the cost of living in Dayton is crazy low so you might find it affordable. There are some new apartments and lofts downtown that I've heard are nice - some are right on the river, near the Dragons stadium (minor league baseball, and it's actually very popular! Always sold out). Either way you'll need to have a car.
  4. Hi BuzzingAround, I'm Dayton born and bred. There are parts of town that are run-down, but there's also lots of great stuff going on in the area if you know where to look. The Oregon District has amazing bars and restaurants, and an awesome indie cinema called The Neon. Dayton has a surprisingly large arts scene for a city its size - the Dayton Art Institute has good exhibits as well as a diverse permanent collection, the Schuster Center is top-of-the-line and brings in national tours of Broadway shows, ballets, and hosts the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. I don't know if you're going to school at UD or Wright State, but the UD Arena is an awesome venue for basketball (and the new home of the NCAA First Four tourney) if you're into sports. Around UD, there's definitely a college town feel with a good number of bars and restaurants, including Dewey's Pizza, which is an Ohio favorite. If you drive to the suburbs, there is no shortage of good shopping, as well. Let me know if you have any other questions!
  5. No masters news for me either. Struggling to stay patient..
  6. Today I got this email: This email serves as confirmation that you are being considered for 2015-2016 merit scholarships and/or endowment funds from the Graduate School of x. If you are not chosen for a first round award, you will be notified – though, the process continues throughout the spring. We hope to have all awards distributed by July 1, 2015 at which time a final notification will be sent to this email address. The faculty and I are delighted you have applied for admission. If you have any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me. ....So literally nothing about my admission either way, just reminding me that I told them I would like to be considered for a merit scholarship. I'm dyin' over here.
  7. Any masters Higher Ed people hear about interviews? Best of luck, everyone!
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