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  1. For folks moving to Davis: I live there now. Have been in town for ~4 years (undergrad & working). My rent history: $780 got me a BIG bedroom in a 4b/4ba, brand new complex, nice everything (yes, private bath). $850 got me a decent studio apartment. Building was kinda funky, but the place was good for solo living plus it was right downtown and 2 min from campus (1st and C). $1040 now gets me a nice big 1b in a nice complex, near downtown but not in it, with my cat. I'm only here because I can afford it. Message me or leave comments here is anyone has any Davis questions. It's a gr
  2. Well comrades, it's over. Or maybe I should say it's just beginning... I've accepted an offer - Biological Physics, Structure, and Design at the University of Washington in Seattle !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They rejected me (without interview) two years ago - but I'm back, baby. Have. Never. Been. More. Excited. About. Anything. In. My. Life.
  3. 1. Congrats! 2. As others have advised in various forums, keep it short and sweet. Here is my minimum form letter: Dear [so-and-so], I am writing in response to my offer of admission to the [blah department / program] at [blah university]. I appreciate the committee’s interest in me, but I regret to inform you that I will not be accepting the offer of admission. I have found a better personal fit at another university. My thanks go out to the committee, my interviewers, and the current grad students for their time and consideration. Sincerely, [elkheart]
  4. Phew - just declined a school for the first time. The initial tension I was feeling gave way to a pretty profound sense of relief as soon as I realized I had hit Send. Would recommend.
  5. (Sorry in advance to those who are having a rough time with things this application cycle, but...) Getting accepted into several programs is obviously great, and having been accepted to all the programs I applied to is even better (pending), but this honestly feels like a low point for me. Knowing that the ball is now squarely back in my court is stressing me out more than waiting to hear back was! I enjoyed every single visit, and if I could accept every offer I would. I genuinely feel bad about having to pick just one. Also, to add to the stress, it seems hard to overstate how significant
  6. With that avatar you should already know: it's hell, but wait it out.
  7. First - congrats! Second - this is a very good question that I'm sure is going to be case-specific, but here are my two cents: Grad school is the time and place to learn what you need to learn to become a full-fledged, independent scientist. It is almost certainly not where you will do your best work (if you do peak in grad school that’s probably a bad thing). You are going in order to learn how to devise good research questions, how to follow a project through from beginning to end, and what it is like to be responsible for your own work. And of course at the end of it you should have x-
  8. YES!! Got my first official offer today! Happens to be from the same school that rejected me two years ago.
  9. Midway through the interview process - dying to hear back from schools! Might hear something as soon as today. With no official offers from anywhere there is still the creeping thought that I won't actually go to grad school. Come on, first offer. Cooooome ooooonnnnn
  10. I doubt anyone on here knows the real answer to that. But I do know UW has been really on top of this whole process, meaning they sent out a lot of invites back in December. Not hearing from them may well mean you won't be getting an offer, but it is really hard to know what is happening behind the scenes. Hold out hope for at least being waitlisted, if you're the hopeful type
  11. They certainly mean to say that suits are not needed (and would be overkill). Business casual is a spectrum - I'd aim for the casual end. Jeans can work if they are nice, meaning dark denim with no holes. But non-jeans would also work, and may be a safer choice. Chinos/khakis = good. Jeans = ok. Slacks = bad. A t-shirt would be too casual. Aim higher than that and you're set.
  12. That's the data I was waiting for, ilovelab. For the lazy: UC Davis 7.2% international UCLA 12.6% international UCB 12.9% international All data are from 2014, and all are for enrolled undergraduates (the only category that could matter here, as these schools fund almost all of their PhD students) Me thinks Ted Binsky doth protest too much...
  13. Hey wickie - small world. I literally just did the exact same thing two minutes ago. The only difference is I emailed a program coordinator rather than a prof. I was hesitant. But I decided to do it because I figured we're all adults here. They know I'm applying to other schools, and they know scheduling is tight. Like you I told them that a switch would be nice, but I would still attend the day I was scheduled for if they were unable to make it happen easily. The ball is in their court. Could they get upset? Maybe. But I doubt it. I wouldn’t. Either they can easily accommodate or they ca
  14. Thank you! Mine was updated as well - I would not have noticed without your post
  15. A story for those without invites who are starting to worry: [Apologies in advance for length] I graduated with a BS in biochemistry in 2012. I was lucky enough to be able to conduct research in three different labs as an undergrad, each in slightly different fields, so by the time grad school application season rolled around I (thought) had a pretty good sense of what my research interests were. I didn’t get any publications from my undergrad work, but I figured I was still a competitive candidate regardless. I ended up applying to a handful of programs. None Ivy League, but top ones fo
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