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  1. I was a 2017 Ford Fellow winner and I checked my portal every day. One of the days I noticed that instead of the application page, that it said FELLOW MODULE but it didn't say anything about me winning. A few hours later I got an e-mail saying I got the fellowship. From I gleaned about freaking out over the change in website is that they set up the site in stages and wait until they sent out the acceptances for you to actually access the portal. I'm wishing all you guys luck!!!
  2. from my understanding is that you should e-mail and request the feedback.
  3. my undergrad gpa was 3.5 with a 3.2 bio gpa. my masters is a 4.0 so it evens things out!
  4. has anyone been offered Associate fellowship? i was just notified by e-mail!
  5. im also attending UChicago, it is on the south side, but hyde park is relatively a bubble compared to even a few blocks west or south (i mean, Obama's house is there stuffed with tons of secret service). hyde park and bronzeville are pretty nice areas surrounded by a lot of sketchy parts. but UChicago has its own police force thats filled with chicago police that patrols the entire area - so its pretty safe. i think the areas of concern are more south-west of the city where you get out of the university areas and more into gang territory. generally the more you stay along the lakefront the saf
  6. chicagos like any city - theres going to be violence. you can swap out Chicago with New York, LA, any other big city and itd be the same thing. generally these outbreaks are in concentrated areas, usually in the southside were there's a lot of gang action (but i could be wrong). but chicago is a huge city so i dont think you should worry.
  7. Sorry i have to COMPLETELY disagree. Yes, there are areas that have homeless and are a little run down, but this is a HUGE city. you have to be street smart and be able to live in an urban area like Chicago, NYC, LA, etc. I moved from a small town in Wisconsin to Evanston, then Evanston to the edge of wicker park/humbolt park and i LOVED the area. Wicker Park/Bucktown is a great hipster area with a lot of great restaurants. i'm now headed down to Hyde Park and I honestly couldn't be more excited. today I went to look around the area and found some really nice places around UChicago campus.
  8. Northwestern has some great people for regenerative stem cell work
  9. Weill Cornell is VERY generous to its international applicants. They really are proud of being able to take in a lot of international students and they all seem super happy there. Not to mention their relationship with Sloan Kettering is pretty awesome.
  10. i'm planning on doing a summer rotation! so i'll be there but not for the SLI course i think
  11. i wouldn't go about it this way. you never know whats in an application. some may have had "worse" reviews than another one but gotten a fellowship. it's a crapshoot...
  12. i'm in a masters program so this was technically my last year to apply. i forgot about the deadline 3 days before (my LOR hated me hahah) but i got G/G E/E E/E writing it by myself. i think if i had an advisor to work with (i'm overseas) i could have done a lot better, but i'm pretty proud of myself for writing up a proposal like this. they were all very excited i just had one reviewer that wanted more nit picky details that i should have provided. on to the next one!
  13. RESULTS ARE UP. didn't get it, but my reviews are excellent. i'm pretty proud of myself - i wrote my application with no guidance and a day before the deadline. i keep reading the reviews and theyre so good. its a bummer i didn't get it but hey science grant writing is a process
  14. on the interview day he was so much fun! he ran to his lab with a petri dish and brought a baby octopus back to show me! cool shtuff
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