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  1. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from universities? It's past April 15th, which was the deadline to accept an offer on the university's website. I feel so confused, anxious, and worried all at the same time! I got through the interview for one university, but none of the professors responded back after the interview. Did anyone else experience this before? Like what does it mean? Am I on a wait list or am I being silently rejected?
  2. Did anyone apply for the GEM 2015 Fellowship? I applied, but was wondering when people start to hear back about possible interviews. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, I also feel the same thing - that many people are applying for Neuroscience programs. I actually just joined Grad Cafe, so, I haven't read that many posts yet to see if many people on here are also applying for the neuroscience program as well. I just feel that neuroscience is increasing in popularity. Currently, the Brain Project is going on and even MOOC's, such as Coursera, have recently started to offer neuroscience courses. I took the Medicinal Neuroscience course with Dr. Leonard White on Coursera and it was a really good course. I also agree a lot with basically everything 'p
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