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  1. taratm

    GPA statistics

    Thanks everybody. I contacted the admission office of those programs I was interested in. That number is an average with a standard deviation of 0.2. So there is still room for hope !
  2. taratm

    GPA statistics

    Right, but I mean when a program admission statistics page says that, do they usually mean it's the cutoff or the average? because they are pretty different. Like this one : "To give you a realistic view of the strength of your application, on average a GPA of 3.5 and GRE scores reaching at least the 80-85th percentile for all three sections are typical of students accepted into our program." http://www.neuroscience.umn.edu/ProStu/apppross.html
  3. taratm

    GPA statistics

    Hi all, When a program notes that their "average gpa of accepted students is 3.5 or 3.6", is it realistic enough for me to apply with a 3.3 gpa?(assuming I'm competitive enough with respect to other requirements).
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