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  1. sexual harassment?

    Is there an Ombuds officer or ombuds department at your school? They can direct you to the policies and proper channels for reporting this. I'm sorry this happened to you. Good read:
  2. Do you save old papers?

    I keep everything. It's the archivist in me.
  3. Time for outside activities during grad school?

    This thread popped up at the right time. I'm admittedly used to juggling multiple balls--in fact, it helps my ADHD. But I don't want to run myself ragged if grad school takes that much out of you.
  4. Are you asking in reference to applying to grad programs, or when you're already in one? My SOP referenced my topic and the sources that influenced my research, but I wasn't explicitly told to start thinking of sources for my research until after I'd been accepted and met with my advisor.
  5. What kind of history do you prefer to write?

    If connecting with the public is important to you, read! I actually devoured history books before I went back to school. There would be these periods where I'd obsess over a topic, and I borrowed everything I could from the library. So I have a bunch of history crammed in my head, from multiple countries, across multiple centuries. It helps me understand lots of theory, though my professors wag their fingers over my research not fitting into specific geographical and temporal areas.
  6. What kind of history do you prefer to write?

    Theory. My ideas are always framed around the whys and hows of who, what, and where.
  7. Dealing with Self-Doubt

    You're not struggling with self-doubt but with a toxic situation. Some people in your program has systematically worked to destroy your self worth and that isn't right. I too would advise you to seek a therapist to help you handle the emotional fall-out of this situation and help you strengthen your ability to deal with horrible people. Also, can you find any allies outside of your department? Maybe you don't need to tell them about what's going on, but you can build a circle of peers with no affiliation to your field to give you some breathing space.
  8. Short Name vs Long Name

    I don't think it's the length of the name that's more memorable, but the "brand" you've established. There can be two Ashley Martins studying 18th century Caribbean women's history, but if one Ashley publishes more, speaks at conferences, and otherwise has a higher profile, they are Ashley Martin in the eyes of most people. I've started using my first, middle, and last name because without the middle, my name feels generic. Also, since my middle name and last name start with the same letter, I can easily maintain my branding if I change my last name after marriage.
  9. who to get blog site visitors?

    I've been blogging since 1999/2000, and have been a professional blogger for ten years, so I always assume everyone has that same background lol. Send me a PM! There's a lot to cover, which I can tailor to your needs.
  10. How did you get interested in your historical fields?

    American Girl dolls. Samantha and Addy were my favorites (Antebellum to Progressive Era). However, I came to history via anthropology, since I also wanted to be Lara Croft/Indiana Jones. Because of this, I don't consider myself to be an historian! I'm much more interested in how history is created, produced, used, and disseminated by cultures via fashion, food, monuments, memory, and literature.
  11. 10 years from now

  12. Over-educated and Unhappy

    What stands out to me in the OP is the absence of people. As in, networking connections. Degrees mean nothing if you don't have a network to tap into. My advice would be to find a mentor. Cold call/email if you don't have one person who can connect you to someone to help you write your resume or get experience or help craft your Ph.D applications. Also, do you use LinkedIn? If not, I recommend it. Not only is it great for organizing your accomplishments, but you can basically stalk the profiles of people in your dream positions. It also helps build your network in a somewhat informal manner.
  13. Ford Foundation Predoctoral fellowship 2017

    List is up!
  14. Spending most of the stipend on housing?

    Why haven't you looked on Facebook? There are groups set up to connect people needing apartments or subleases in just about every city in the US.
  15. Ford Foundation Predoctoral fellowship 2017

    Nope. Now I'm a little antsy about when they'll release the Awardees and Honorable Mention lists.