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  1. Currently in this situation myself. Now wondering what my feedback will look like.
  2. Housing: send an email to the department admin and they'll likely circulate your info to the current grad students who may be looking for a roommate or know someone needing a roommate Social life: I thought I'd be a loner, blah blah blah, but I've formed a group of people who go out fairly frequently,, chat, etc. Also, see if your department has (unofficial) mentors. Having a senior grad student usher me into life in our department helped tremendously. On campus housing: a scam. Usually costs more than a regular apartment and often locks you into a restrictive leasing agreement
  3. While I'm sure top school --> top grad school is likely the norm, there are outliers--myself included. I attended an unranked state school in the middle of nowhere and am attending a Top 15 program. The culture of a top private university is my biggest adjustment, which is probably why top school --> top grad school is more likely--it's pretty self-selective since these students have support built into their undergrad experience (e.g. Mellon Mays, Summer Research, access to funding, leading scholars, etc) to nurture them towards attending grad school. During a low point in the academic year, I asked my adviser why I was accepted. At our following meeting, they pulled up my application with the admissions committee's comments, and apparently, they were excited to accept a student with my unique background. All of this is to say that the stats don't tell the whole story.
  4. Someone on Twitter said announcements are delayed bc of the gov't shut down.
  5. If material culture forms the basis of your research, go to Delaware. It is an amazing program.
  6. Please don't overdress. It actually makes us current students discomfited...as though you dressed up to impress professors and not like you're also visiting to see if we're good people too.
  7. I'm going for it again. I was chosen as an alternate for last year's cycle.
  8. Does your grad school not have any groups for students of color? Or department mixers? Are you friends with more advanced students? Speaking as a black woman, I will say that dating life in grad school can be a bit awkward. But here are my solutions: First and foremost, you gotta be open to "dating out," if you aren't already. Not only do black folks make a small percentage of grad student population, but there are often more black women than black men at this level. Secondly, you have to go out--out with your cohort, out with other female grad students, out to conferences, out to events, etc. Only socializing during seminars is a recipe for perpetual lonliness. Lastly, you should just play the field and be brave. This isn't high school, where you have a crush and he has a crush and then you're boyfriend/girlfriend. You're allowed to date multiple men at the same time. Don't get a crush and pin your hopes on him.
  9. Is there an Ombuds officer or ombuds department at your school? They can direct you to the policies and proper channels for reporting this. I'm sorry this happened to you. http://ombuds-blog.blogspot.com/p/higher-ed.html Good read: https://www.insidehighered.com/advice/2017/05/12/advice-graduate-students-dealing-sexual-assault-and-harassment-essay
  10. I keep everything. It's the archivist in me.
  11. This thread popped up at the right time. I'm admittedly used to juggling multiple balls--in fact, it helps my ADHD. But I don't want to run myself ragged if grad school takes that much out of you.
  12. Are you asking in reference to applying to grad programs, or when you're already in one? My SOP referenced my topic and the sources that influenced my research, but I wasn't explicitly told to start thinking of sources for my research until after I'd been accepted and met with my advisor.
  13. If connecting with the public is important to you, read! I actually devoured history books before I went back to school. There would be these periods where I'd obsess over a topic, and I borrowed everything I could from the library. So I have a bunch of history crammed in my head, from multiple countries, across multiple centuries. It helps me understand lots of theory, though my professors wag their fingers over my research not fitting into specific geographical and temporal areas.
  14. Theory. My ideas are always framed around the whys and hows of who, what, and where.
  15. You're not struggling with self-doubt but with a toxic situation. Some people in your program has systematically worked to destroy your self worth and that isn't right. I too would advise you to seek a therapist to help you handle the emotional fall-out of this situation and help you strengthen your ability to deal with horrible people. Also, can you find any allies outside of your department? Maybe you don't need to tell them about what's going on, but you can build a circle of peers with no affiliation to your field to give you some breathing space.
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