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  1. I had a similar conversation with my undergrad advisor back when I was in my second year. I am currently in a master's program for some perspective. I never brought up my interest early on in eventually applying to phd programs, but my prof could tell i was very intellectually interested in film studies. So when I did eventually tell him, he wasnt surprised though he did give the caveat that he would never advocate for anyone to get a PhD in this academic climate. That said, he has been encouraging and was one of my letter rec writers when i was applying to master's programs. I t
  2. Maple1eaf

    Fall 2021

    Yes, multiple rounds. Usually some applicants receive interviews in january and then get acceptance in early Feb. There is another uptick in mid February and then again at the end of Feb/beginning of March. This usually happens because programs are trying to gauge how many accepted applicants will immediately respond vs. those they reject/put on the waitlist.
  3. I’ve enjoyed reading the comments on here in as far as it gives light to all the different opinions there are in this given topic. For one, it is telling that those within current programs are not even cautioning us but rather persuading us not to apply. This just highlights how out of touch institutions are to the world. It is sad that future scholars are advising current applicants not to apply. This kind of sentiment is not unique to academia. Lawyers have the highest rate of alcoholism in any profession, yet there are still many people going down that track even knowing the amount of stres
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