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  1. Hi @aloy I'm in the same boat with you! I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed and unmotivated. That's real. This is a really hard place to be in -- we have no power over what happens next, and nothing to do but wait. This quote from a poster in another topic has been useful to read -- I don't know what works best for you, but I decided to take an art class -- once a week, doing something I have never done before and never would have otherwise. The actual class takes up time, but I spend more time out of class thinking about and planning for what I will do in class later. That has helped ground me and more importantly -- distract me! If there is a class you can take, I can't recommend it enough. Or, you could use the deep resource of youtube and teach yourself a new skill -- knitting, sewing, basic woodworking, baking... anything to keep the hands and mind busy. ❤️ Good luck!!!
  2. weekly update because this has been helpful for me for thinking about my timeline expectations! obv these are not mine, but i'm looking at he results page and this forum and hoping it helps now or future forum-trawlers! Bard - interview (email) Case Western Reserve University - acceptances sent (POI AR) / rejections sent Emory - Interviews sent Harvard - Some interviews sent (Interviews not mandatory -- by individual POI's discretion) Indiana-University Bloomington - interviews sent Johns Hopkins - Interviews sent (via email) Michigan - Interview sent (invite to recruitment weekend in March) Northwestern - acceptances sent (email from DGS, POI CS) / waitlist (at least one) sent Ohio State University - acceptance sent Princeton - one interview listed on Results Rice University - acceptance sent Stanford - Interviews sent (in bulk, from DGS) / unofficial(?) rejection sent (but certainly not all -- I applied) Stonybrook University - acceptance sent UC Berkeley - interview via PI (sent likely in bulk, as there were several!) / unofficial acceptance sent UC Irvine - interview via PI (email) University of Minnesota - acceptance sent UNC (MA) - acceptance sent (POI TS) / rejections sent UPenn - interview sent (contacted by POI) USC - acceptances sent (call from DGS -- not all at once, if the dates are to be believed) / rejections not sent (I assume, because I applied!) Wisconsin-Madison - acceptance sent (POI NM) University of York - acceptance sent WashU - acceptances sent (email, POIs KK and EC) Yale - Interviews sent (20 min interview with fac outside your discipline -- possibly not all periods) any info to add? anything i'm missing? good luck everyone!
  3. Me too @ncan360! You're not alone. I'm crossing all my fingers for both of us. Good luck!
  4. @theoryschmeary I haven't been through Yale's process before, but looking at the last couple of years in the results -- looks like interviews are requested in Jan 29-31, and we hear back between Feb 8-16! best of luck!
  5. Hooray, @renforall!!! Your success gives me hope! That is fantastic. I hope the interviews/casual convos/etc. give you all the answers you're hoping for. Fingers crossed!
  6. hey @renforall not all hope is lost on USC! looks like they just sent out a new interview request-- so perhaps it's happening by area of interest!
  7. Ahh!! I see that. And it's one of my top choices >.< Anyone want to claim it? What's your area? Did you speak with your POI in advance of the application? Thanks!!
  8. that would make sense @Modconart! although at least two of them said they received the request from their POI (rather than a DGS) so they might be all sending at once, but from POIs? who knows! all we can do is wait ❤️
  9. updating my previous post, and again these are not my results, but just what i've seen across the forum and results page! there are a few bolded: Stanford, Yale, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, and Harvard -- if that was your result listed, would you mind sharing about your area of interest/POI or if it was an official vs. unofficial contact? (based on what ppl have asked so far in the thread!! Northwestern - Interviews sent (in bulk, from POIs and DGS) Stanford - Interviews sent (in bulk, not from a single POI) WashU - acceptances sent (email, POIs KK and EC) UNC (MA) - acceptance sent (POI TS) / rejections sent Emory - Interviews sent (possibly in bulk, since there are 2 on the results page) Yale - MAY send info on interviews in late Jan (we've clarifed that the interview listed was not an official interview) Johns Hopkins - unofficial contact from POI Princeton - one interview listed on Results (anyone want to claim or provide info on area of interest or POI?) UC Irvine - interview via PI (email) UC Berkeley - interview via PI (email) Bard - interview (email) Rice University - interview (email) Harvard - one interview listed on Results (anyone want to claim or provide info on area of interest or POI?) USC - acceptances sent (call from DGS) / rejections not sent (I assume, because I applied!) best of luck to everyone!
  10. Seconding (thirding?) the request for info about the Princeton interview. And to the UC Berkeley interviewee, congrats!!! What's your area of interest or who is your POI if you don't mind sharing? Thank you!!
  11. hi, just for my own brain (and for future forum users) here's what I've seen so far in this 2020 application season: Northwestern - Interviews sent (in bulk, not from a single POI -- I'm guessing, since there were 4 on the results page) Stanford - Interviews sent (in bulk, not from a single POI -- implied by @lkjhg in another thread) WashU - an interview sent (from POI - not sure if in bulk, not sure if all will be interviewed to be accepted) UNC (MA) - acceptance sent Emory - Interviews sent (possibly in bulk, since there are 2 on the results page) Yale - MAY send info on interviews in late Jan (but possibly other contact sooner according to @Modconart; not sure if some or all candidates get interviewed!) Anything missing/wrong? Anything to add? Good luck all!!!
  12. @Modconart this makes a ton of sense! And yes, it does make sense that post-application interviews would be more formal than pre-application. Some of the departments I visited did a mini-interview as I visited -- but those were ones that typically do not interview after applications. Thank you for these insights! This is great to think about. In interviews, I find it helpful to remember that they want me to succeed as much as I want to succeed. If I'm a good match, then their work is done -- and if I'm not, then it's probably not the right place for me anyway. Thank you for sharing & good luck!!!
  13. Hi! I’m also going through the PhD process so I’m so glad to see this thread. Thank you for making it @Modconart 😊 These questions are awesome! I’ll add a few -- Some questions I have been asking during meetings with POIs: How interdisciplinary is the program, and in what ways? (This one because this is an aspect I am specifically looking for, and want to know if the dept. is using it as a buzzword or as a practice) What courses do Art History students typically TA/precept for? (Again, because my long-term goal is professorship, I want teaching experience both in surveys and in more specific courses with my POI) Are there opportunities to design a course or to be the instructor of record? What does the timeline to degree look like in practice? I.e., do most students complete their dissertation within the 5-year funding package, or do they tend to need extra time? (This question also points at where students are going afterwards – if they already have positions when they graduate or if they’re dragging their feet) Is there a strong lean in the department or in the cohort towards academia or towards curatorial practice? Where do your graduates work now? How quickly did they find jobs? What kind of professional development opportunities are available on campus and in the department? And a few questions to prepare for (but your list is already fantastic): Is there a specific lens or framework that you use in your work? (i.e. feminist, critical race theory, etc.) If you were designing your dissertation today, what is the topic? Why do you want to work in this specific geographic location? (implied: are you prepared to move here/live here) What research experience do you have that will prepare you well to take on doctoral work? How does your work experience fit with your scholarly goals? (if relevant) Did you do interviews when you applied for your MA? What were those questions like? Thanks and good luck!!
  14. Hi! I applied for it. No news yet, but the website says "January 15, 2020: We'll notify you whether you are invited to Immersion Weekend, or not selected as a Knight-Hennessy Scholar." so one more week!! ❤️ I did not get any special notification, and my KH app does not reference the completeness of my grad program app. I did include the KH ID number in my grad app -- there was a specific spot for it. Happy waiting, and best of luck!!
  15. Hi! What specific types of scholarships are you looking for? Funding for tuition, or for completing a dissertation, or for a specific research or conference trip, or something else?
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