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  1. Same here, I haven't been studying and I have been holding off buying a membership on Magoosh waiting to see if my top program waives it
  2. Are you sure about this? I heard the GRE is administered via ProctorU and I have taken tests with ProctorU many times in the past using my Mac. If this is true, though, it is such great news
  3. Yes? Many are waiving it. I actually have not purchased Magoosh memberships in hopes that my program of choice will waive it!
  4. Thank you! I have done that, I'm a super candidate for stalking/spying program lol. I will continue my search!
  5. Thanks so much! It helps so much to have different angles. I just can't seem to work out what to say to them. 🤭
  6. Hi! I know this about something else but I see you listed 'Responses from faculty'. I am divided between contacting the faculty or not. Is this advisable? What could I ask them? I feel they must be bothered at this point with potential students emailing them, but I don't know really. Also, you were looking at Undergrad and MA institutions for current students (I'm a BA-only candidate, so I wanted to see if many students got accepted without an MA, and if my R2 school was realistic) How were you able to search for this? I am in the same situation and I haven't figured out a way y
  7. Hello everyone! First poster here. I have a few questions and jumping from forum to forum has not helped. I am a non traditional student (40 y/o) graduating this fall with a BA in Art History. Since I am older and have a family which includes a 5 y/o child I can't really apply to many programs. To top this off, there is no Art History graduate program where I live in North Florida, just one at 1.5hrs away and it is an MA at a very standard university. The ideal program for me would be Emory because I can easily move to Atlanta. Outside of that I don't have plenty of choices, just an MA at Geor
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