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  1. Really appreciating the solidarity on this thread! If you'll let me vent for a moment...I applied for ~7 PhD programs 2 years ago, got rejected from them all, then last minute (literally in April) applied to a MA program that I started that fall. I did the MA because a couple of the POIs I had skyped with during the app process recommended it. Now I'm about to finish that MA and have 9 PhD apps out in the world with 4 rejections, 2 surely on their way based on the posted results, a waitlist at what I thought would be my absolute backup school, and 2 that I haven't heard a peep about. If I could sum up how I'm feeling in a word? Disillusioned. I've learned the best thing you can do for your mental health in these trying times (at least in my experience) is picture life not only without that degree, but with hope. I've spent the last couple weeks applying for a ton of jobs outside academia, some of which I'm actually weirdly excited about, and one of which resulted in an interview for a paid summer internship for something I never, ever thought I would get. And even if it turns out I don't get it after all, it's a reminder that there's more out there. So, fellow gradcafers, keep pushing - rejection in one aspect of your life is not a reflection of you, neither as a professional nor a person. We'll get through it.
  2. Has anyone heard from Bryn Mawr's Classical Archaeology PhD? I haven't seen anything on the results page, but in previous years it looks like all of the decisions had gone out by now.
  3. Yes, but they were in a different department, so we had only met once very briefly. Generally it was all fine; in this case they were taking an undergraduate course so they came in knowing there was a graduate TA. I felt a bit weird grading them, but I think they did value my feedback, and it helped that their assignments were pretty good. I had to meet individually with each student about their research paper, and our meeting was really nice because it actually felt more conversational and less awkward. We could also get into some deeper discussion because they were naturally more advanced than my other students, so instead of having to explain the basics of how to pick a research topic, we could talk more about methodological issues, sources, etc. It ended up being a good learning experience for both of us! I think it boils down to: 1) don't baby them, and 2) be really open to what they have to say.
  4. Hi guys! Anyone have any insight or comments about the UC Davis Master's program? Trying to decide between it (funded) and a non-funded program with much more name recognition. Mainly doing a Masters to gain experience while I decide if I want to push for a PhD, or turn toward museum education. I study ancient art if that helps, but I'd love to hear any info you might have!
  5. Anyone have any advice regarding the NYU-IFA Masters program? Is it worth it? I was excited to be deferred to it from a PhD application, as it's my only acceptance, but the Internet really does not have kind things to say about it...
  6. Anyone have any Duke or UVA admissions updates? Saw a post for each on the results page (Duke acceptance, UVA rejection) but haven't heard anything on my end...
  7. This is really helpful and encouraging, thank you!!
  8. OK YES ME. I've almost posted this exact thing multiple times. I applied to all top-tier schools (because I am young and naive) and have gotten one rejection and otherwise complete silence. I'm really not optimistic about any of my prospects at the moment but also don't have a backup plan so yeah, I'm freaking out. Trying to figure out if there are masters programs I could still apply to (that would also be worth going to/paying for) or if I should plan on working somewhere. If anyone has insight into a best course of action, please share!
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