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  1. Hey! I was one of those - I applied to MA in art history specializing in late 18th early 19th Europe. If you’re still waiting for a response, I assume the strike is probably delaying things a bit
  2. I got into both of my dream programs, but am SO torn. End game I want to work at the Costume Institute at the Met or the Victoria & Albert, but I, not sure which program to choose. My research deals with 18th and 19th century women’s clothing in western Europe and I always thought of art history as a way to study the documentation of fashion, so I was super set on NYU’s program so I could dig deeper into researching the actual clothing and the semiotics of it. I am torn though because Columbia is so prestigious I feel like even though I wouldn’t directly study fashion it would still o
  3. I was accepted for an MSc program that expects you to complete the PhD in their location. However, it’s across the country, and as much as I love psychology this is a big commitment to being so far from my family/partner for so long (especially because my province only requires an MSc). Has anyone had success applying for a PhD in another province after completing an MSc elsewhere?
  4. I’m 26 and have a BFA in studio art and am applying for my MA in Art History. A lot of programs don’t require you to have a BA in art history, some suggest you have x amount of art history credits (usually ~5 classes) which you can take postbacc. I emailed all the schools I was applying to for my MA and asked if they had post bacc or diploma courses I could take, only a few did but I ended up in one of those programs for the semester. The local university in my city also offered post bacc art history but I unfortunately missed their deadline, so I am currently in a post bacc program at Columbi
  5. Hi there! I have an interview next week for an MA program and was wondering if anyone had any advice on what to prep for and general advice? I haven’t interviewed before and not 100% sure what to expect or what to prep for. I have read previous posts about art history interviews but those were for PhD candidates so not sure if I should be expecting the same questions or something different. I consider myself to be a good talker and job interviews are usually pretty easy for me but realize this is different and need more preparation, just want to make sure I’m setting myself up the be
  6. Thank you! Good luck to you too! Waiting for results has been pretty brutal and it’s only just begun!
  7. Hey! Has anyone heard from Bard’s MA? I saw on the results page that someone had applied to Bard for PhD but is interviewing for MA. I haven’t heard anything so wondering if they have already sent out interview invites. Website says interviews will be early February. Thanks!!
  8. Got waitlisted for Courtauld today. Applied for History of Dress with no second option, not holding my breath, but glad it wasn't a rejection! There was no interview, received an email last week letting me know my application was under review though 0a/1w/0r/4p
  9. I've applied for 5 schools. Columbia MA Bard Graduate Centre MA The New School Fashion Studies MA NYU Costume Studies MA Courtauld History of Dress MA Pretty nervous as they're all competitive programs. Best of luck to everyone!
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