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  1. There are a few faculty who specialize in this area. Unfortunately, the only recognized Pg Cert in Art Crime, Trafficking and Antiquities was terminated in 2020 (after I was accepted ) at the University of Glasgow. There are still profs there who work in this, but Dr Donna Yates and Dr Erin Thompson are big leads in this field. Netherlands and NY. From my research, the path is usually anthro or law into art history, so as an art historian it's been extremely slim pickings in finding programs that suit my education base. Queens U in Canada has a great conservation program that includes provena
  2. Hi all, I've been trying to research PhD programs that have a more interdisciplinary approach - I have an MA in contemporary art history where I focused on public art and crime - but my PhD project will be focused on how art history is written, perceived and populated. This will involve the cult of celebrity, power and politics, gender studies, crime in the art world etc. I figured the best people to ask are those out there doing it! Can you recommend programs that are quite contemporary and are not traditional in terms of their understanding of art history as a discipline? I've been through
  3. Hi all, I've been accepted to an MA (New Arts Journalism) at SAIC which is very exciting - I already have an MA but in contemporary art history, and this program seems really practical and interesting. I also am on the waitlist for 2 phd programs, 1 I really love (commcult at McMaster) and 1 I don't (comm cult at Ryerson). SAIC wants me to accept within two weeks, but I applied really late and so have very little funding, I'd be moving from Toronto to Chicago which is super exciting but expensive. It would be like $45k a year + living costs (CAD). If I wait it out and decline SAIC, I
  4. rohcoco

    Fall 2021

    I was the one who posted about all decisions would be out by the 19th - obviously that didn't happen! So I emailed the director directly and was rejected. No change in my portal status though so nothing official. She let me know all arts & science departments were given a cap on domestic entry this year (first time ever) and they only admitted 4 students. Which leads me to believe decisions were made a loooong time ago and they just haven't rejected the rest of us.
  5. It's reassuring and comforting to read everyone else is feeling the same - we're not alone! All of my applications are 'under review' and I haven't seen any results come in here, but I'm in a niche field and all in Canada so I worry I just don't have as much information from this site. I got accepted into my Master's on Feb 2 and Feb 26 - so my anxiety is now through the roof waiting to hear about my PhD apps. Feels like I'm in the danger zone now! And my heart skips whenever I get an email. Oi.
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