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  1. Hi, Does anyone have inside knowledge of the program at Albuquerque? It's a big school and I"m having a hard time trying to talk to anyone in the dept. I'm looking into it but I come from the creative writing MFA/novelist end of things. I'm not sure how academic in tone all the writing has to be but their classes appeal, faculty have a bunch of good publications etc. Any thoughts? Suggestions? THanks, s
  2. Still waiting. I emailed the faculty member I had hoped to work with and she wrote back immediately but said that she wasn't on the committee. I emailed the program director but no word.
  3. Haha, yep. I've got Plan B in action already so there is that. Keep on though, eh? S
  4. So since I still haven't heard, I'm expecting a rejection. Anyone else?
  5. Hi folks, I'm not sure if there's a thread already but here goes. I'm in a two-year program in writing and publishing. First semester was incredible, inspired, productive, fun. This semester not at all. Different faculty, boring methodology, uninspired. I'm still writing for myself but 10 weeks in and only one 5 page essay has been workshopped. Is this normal? To be expected?
  6. Hi, just found this thread. I'm at Vermont college of fine arts in their MFA writing and publishing program if anyone has questions. Let me know.
  7. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    That's the one!
  8. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    Thanks! Full residency, two years, and hell yeah I'm going! Can't wait...and thanks everyone for the love. ?
  9. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    And I'm in. Vermont college of fine arts. What a journey to even get here. So much support on this forum. Thank you. Be well. Keep writing.
  10. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    Sorry fella. Big hug.
  11. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    Call them? Go for a walk? Write it out.
  12. Sleam

    Burlington, VT

    Montpelier, VT. Any suggestions on housing? Hikes? Neighborhood cafes? I'll be a graduate student with 2 dogs and a cat called Stevie. ?
  13. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    I'm still waiting on VCFA. Well, I'm on holiday but keep checking. They're waiting on one of my references still. At least they didn't just say no, right?
  14. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    Oh, thanks. I had no idea about that. Just in case...
  15. Sleam

    Fall 2017 MFA

    I can't ask my references for more emails! I'll wait and see on Vermont and call it a day at that. I'll have to nurture more professional friends for references another year.
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