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  1. Vancouver, BC

    I got accepted to SFU for the fall semester. If anyone could tell me anything about the area, I'd be grateful. Housing? Food? Things to do? What should I do first? I've also considered living in Blaine, WA while attending school in downtown Vancouver. Is this plausible?
  2. Lawrence, KS

    Hey! I'm not going to KU, but I do currently live just a couple blocks from campus, so I may be able to answer some of your questions. It doesn't get stupid cold - this year was rather mild and it only iced over once or twice. However, with the windchill it will stay below 32 for typically the latter part of December and most of January. You will get to thoroughly enjoy all four seasons. It's pretty much a mix as far as graduate and undergraduate students. Mass st. bars tend to attract a younger crowd, but I'm subleasing not too far from KU and all my roommates are graduate students. Again, the closer you get to Mass st., the younger and more livelier the occupants are going to tend to be. I'd honestly check Craigslist for housing. There are a bunch of subleases that are going to be up July 31, and if you grab them in time your monthly rent can be pretty cheap. On the whole, Lawrence is probably the bluest place in Kansas's very red state, so be prepared to live in a place that is very pro-recycling and pro-equality.
  3. Publishing Graduate Programs

    Have you heard back yet?
  4. Applications for Fall 2017

    I'm a bit of an odd duck in that UW is the only library science program I applied to. They're certainly one of my top choices, but my other two are a rhetoric program and a publishing program. UW's a serious contender though! It's probably going to come down to whether I get funding offers from my other heavyweights. @fantastic356 have you decided to attend UW? I'd love to talk to anyone who is seriously considering UW.
  5. Applications for Fall 2017

    University of Washington sent out their decisions on 3/14 - accepted!
  6. Publishing Graduate Programs

    For the life of me, I can't find any thread or forum that relates specifically to the publishing programs out there. This is the place where I think it would fit best, but let me know if I'm wrong. I've applied to Simon Fraser's MPUB program, Portland State's Writing MA with a concentration in publishing, and University of Missouri's manuscript, print culture, and editing track MA. Has anyone else sent applications out for publishing?
  7. Applications for Fall 2017

    Has anyone gotten news back from University of Washington's MLIS program?
  8. Waitlist Movement

    I've been wait listed by University of Minnesota's Rhetoric (RSTC) program. Anyone wanna give me their spot?
  9. 2017 Acceptances

    Nevermind, got the news today - Waitlisted at UMN
  10. 2017 Acceptances

    Hey! Does anyone have a clue when University of Minnesota MA acceptances/decisions will start rolling out? Anxiously awaiting.