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  1. I looked into UMich's program. It's a well known program! Are you going for your PhD in Archival studies and MLIS? Or History and MLIS?
  2. I live in the NJ/NYC area, so I'm focusing in on schools (NYU, Rutgers) in those areas where I know internship opportunities/professional experiences are more abundant. Unless the NYC area is not seen as something with a number of opportunities available? (I'm not sure of what the opportunities for internships are like for other schools. I'm also considering UNC-Chapel Hill and Simmons). I also currently work in a corporate archive, so I already have some experience under my belt. I'm asking about accreditation because I figure nowadays, an accredited master's degree is more essential than it's ever been in this particular field and I want to be sure that the degree I'm applying for satisfies what prospective employers for jobs and internships are going to prioritize. I echo your statement though: experience is key, especially in this field which is so hands-on in the first place. Are you also looking into Archives/MLS programs? If so, where are you looking to apply? It helps to hear from other prospective applicants!
  3. That totally makes sense, RE: accredited programs. I've been looking at SAA and/or ALA accredited programs exclusively. I know Rutgers is introducing the Archives/ARM concentration [specialization] this fall, so it's still up in the air about whether or not that will be helpful in the areas of archives/special collections for internships and jobs.
  4. Sorry to ask another question...but would you say the MI degree is comparable to MLS degrees? I know this might be a silly question to ask, but does the degree title mean less or more for career opportunities? A lot of job descriptions I'm looking at require experience and then an MLS/MLIS degree...does the MI degree mean something different then? The program is ALA accredited, obviously, but this is the first I've experienced the name change from something outside MLS/MLIS/MSLS, etc.
  5. Okay, good to know. I'm attending their open house, so I'll ask more archives-specific questions, especially if the concentration is new this year. Thanks for your help!
  6. Thanks for the clarification! Makes sense!
  7. Good to know. I live in NJ, so Rutgers would be a practical choice cost-wise, but I get the feeling that it's not going to give me what I want focus-wise, if that makes sense. I do not already have an MA, so I'd either have to double up, which I'm not sure if that's possible for the programs at Rutgers with MLS, or figure out something else. And, again, I run into the problem of an MA in a specific subject...is that pigeon-holing myself to a certain area? I have a lot of interests and I'm still exploring, so I don't want to limit myself, I guess.
  8. Thanks for the website recommendation! I'll definitely have to check out SAA's website. When you mean, non-professional degree, what exactly do you mean?
  9. I took a look at their program, but their website was a little hard to follow. I'll give it a once over again! It's good to hear they have funding available! Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Thanks so much for providing me with this information! I'm from NJ, so Rutgers would be the most affordable option, but I've always thought it more public library focused...which is great! But I'm not necessarily interested in public libraries at this time. If anything, I'm more interested in university libraries and collections. Would you recommend a dual degree in History and LIS or is that a little far-fetched? Some other programs I've looked into have that as an option, but I guess if the LIS program isn't strong in archives/special collections to begin with, it probably won't help with the second degree in history!
  11. I'm not entirely sure of what sort of archives or special collections I'd like to work in. Currently, I work in a corporate archive and I enjoy the work I do there, so I have that as a foundation, but I'm open to different environments within the two. I was nervous about focusing in on a particular subject for my MA and limiting myself in the job market after graduating. I was hoping that through grad school/internships/etc. I would be able to narrow that part down a little more. To answer your questions from your message response, I agree: I'd rather not pay a ridiculous amount for experiences. Depending on what program I choose, the dual degree option could equate to additional loans. I'm also curious about history and MLS dual degree options, but I'm not sure if an MA in history is necessarily the route I want to go (although I love the idea of taking history classes again!) because I do want my graduate degree to be more focused on gaining skills and experiences for once I graduate. Thanks for your answers!
  12. Hi everyone! I know I may be a little out of the box posting on the History discussion board, but I'm currently looking into Library Science, Archives, and History programs because I'm interested in working in archives or special collections. I've read a few other threads out there on grad cafe and I found that some students applied for a dual-degree in History and Library Science. I'm looking into a program at UMaryland (the HiLS program) that does just that. I'm also looking into NYU's dual degree program with LIU in Archives/Public History and Library Science. And I'm looking into Rutgers. I'm wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experiences to share? Thanks so much!
  13. Hi! I'm in the process of researching graduate programs to apply to for fall 2017. I currently work in a corporate archive and I absolutely love the work I do there. Though I realize a corporate archive is different from most archives, I'm interested in archives and special collections. I've been looking into programs in Archives and Public History, Library Science, and dual degree programs at NYU (MA in Archives and Public History/MSLIS with LIU), Rutgers (MI), UMaryland (MA in History/MLS or "HiLS" program), and others. From what I've read on other Grad Cafe posts, I've noticed that many people encourage a dual-degree program. I'm very interested in the dual-degree option, but worried about expense (especially for a school like NYU, which is a school I'm very interested in), post-grad debt, program opportunities, and job prospects upon graduation. Does anyone have any helpful hints or tips about applying or researching programs? Is it more conducive to apply to an MA in Archives/Public History and MLIS dual-degree program? Or should I opt for an MA in History/MLIS dual-degree (certificate in Archives)? Or should I disregard the dual-degree altogether? Any, or all, information would be greatly appreciated!
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