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  1. This is my first year in my M.A. program and I was wondering if I could get some advice about conferences. My university will only fund one conference a year, so I really want to make them count. I need my CV to look as impressive as possible for Ph.D. applications in two years (an anxiety I'm sure we all feel/ have felt). I'm on a fellowship my first year, so I have plenty of time to create a work from scratch, I'm just not sure which conferences to look into. I'm hoping to attend one in the Spring Semester. My focus is American lit, 19th century to modern day (I know, too broad, but I figure I have time to specify). Also, my strengths lie in analyzing anything having to do with gender and sexuality. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Tuscaloosa, AL

    My girlfriend and I are definitely going in the Fall (MA in English Lit), and we are looking for a house now. The good news is, it seems to be a really inexpensive place to live, although I might be biased, only having lived in expensive places (FL and NY). Any info that y'all get and pass along about houses/realtors/neighborhoods would be greatly appreciated!
  3. 2017 Final Decisions

    Everything is in! I am officially going to The University of Alabama (for an MA), the proud winner of their Graduate Council Fellowship!! Pretty soon I'll have a challenging and rewarding education, a new home with my partner (who also got accepted, as a TA), a new dog, and a more than livable wage ($17,000 fellowship + part-time tutoring job + double income household). I could not be more excited about this chapter in my life!
  4. We applied to the same programs, but she didn't get accepted at Purdue. We both got into UA.
  5. Before, I thought that UA had my focus, but was lacking in rank. Now I know that Purdue has many more classes and high name professors in my interests, and specific resources for help with publication. All in all, I think that I've come to realize that Purdue is a better fit for my interests and has a more structured system in place for PhD application prep than UA, with or without the question of rank. I apologise if I seemed like a broken record by asking similar questions without presenting the new information directly enough. I guess I really need to be asking UA more questions, not GC.
  6. I visited Alabama, and I thought to myself, I could really see myself making this work. The conference budget is huge, the gender and sexuality classes are interesting (if still in their early stages), and I have at least one big name, Trudier Harris, to make my mentor/recommendation letter, even though she studies something different (African American lit and southern lit). Best of all, my girlfriend got in. Then I got into Purdue. In the last two years all of their MA students got into top 20 PhD programs, there are 15+ well known faculty that teach my interests, and they have wonderful resources that help with publication. On paper, the choice seems obvious. I'd be happy with my girlfriend at UA, and they have the resources to help me make something of myself, if I'm hard-working and self-driven. But Purdue increases my odds in a very tangible, real way, of succeeding in a terrible job market. Can I afford to take the risk? And am I a horrible person for being angry that UA is perfect for my girlfriend's interests (southern studies), when it's so risky for mine? She doesn't even want to be a professor!! I felt so sure about UA, but Purdue seems so perfect, so tailor-made for me in ways I didn't anticipate. Can I really get into a great PhD program from UA? I hate myself for entertaining the possibility of risking my future career for a relationship. I need impossible guarantees. Fuck, I need for this to be over. Maybe this belonged on the vent page. I'll probably regret writing this, but I don't really have anyone to talk to, and I really need input. Tell me I'm an idiot for considering turning down Purdue. Or tell me UA has a good record or placing students in top PhD programs, outside of the south. Tell me something.
  7. MA Rank Importance

    Email Purdue. That's what I did, and that's how I found my place on the wait list, (before I got accepted a couple of weeks later through phone and email).
  8. MA Rank Importance

    I know I sound sappy about U of A, but I really need help being practical about this. The decisions I make about my education now will affect me for decades, and I don't want to make the more comfortable decision based on a relationship that has no guaranteed future. I have to make sure that I am picking the school because it is what's best for me academically, not emotionally. I'm strong, I can take it. I visit Purdue next week, and they have one of my favorite authors reading when I'm there (Margaret Atwood)! I didn't realize what a perfect fit Alabama would be for me until I visited, so I'm giving Purdue the same shot. That being said, I am a very Type A personality sometimes, and I made a table of the pros and cons (link at the bottom). I need unbiased advice, and I can't get that anywhere but here.
  9. MA Rank Importance

    I know! I met with her when I visited. I also met another student who attended a conference in China and then received a job offer from there (which he accepted).
  10. How important is rank at a Masters level? As long as I'm active in conferences, publishing, and finding a big name mentor, does MA rank really matter that much to get into a wonderful PhD program later on? I visited University of Alabama and fell in love. At least one funded conference a semester, Trudier Harris as a mentor, cheap living with a nice stipend, and my partner got in fully funded as well. But then a few days later I got accepted to Purdue, and while I've booked a flight to go see my options, I can't tell if considering turning down Purdue (and it's high rank and English Lit tenure-track rate) is ridiculous. On the other hand, I feel like Alabama has valued me from the beginning, and Purdue might pigeonhole me into 19th century, when I'm not sure that's what I want to do. To make matters worse, Purdue means breaking up with my partner, and while I value my future more than my present happiness/sacrifices, I can't tell if Alabama would seem so appealing without knowing I'd have the perfect life with my partner there, including being each others support systems and getting 1.5 pups. Basically, I know rank is essential in PhD for tenure-track jobs, but how important is the rank of the MA university to get into those great PhD programs?
  11. Waitlist Movement

    I've received a fully funded MA offer from University of Alabama and Purdue University, but I'm on the wait-list for Ole Miss admission and for Villanova funding. Can I use these offers to move up on wait-lists, and if so, how would I word the email? Trying really hard to stay professional, but I only have so much time before April 15th and I want to visit the campus before I accept, but in order to justify a visit, I need to be accepted. Help please.
  12. Villanova Question

    My girlfriend is #2 on Villanova's funding wait list, but she's decided to go to U of A instead, so she'll be declining. You should be seeing some movement on the wait list soon.
  13. Tuscaloosa, AL

    I am considering it pretty heavily! I'm actually visiting the campus this weekend. I'm hoping to pick the brains of the current students about housing, and tips for finding a place to live from another state. Have you visited yet?
  14. Villanova Question

    @natalielouiseIf you ask her, she will tell you what number you are on the waitlist.
  15. Venting Thread

    Rejected from my #1 (Syracuse) Waitlisted at Ole Miss (#5 on a 12 person list) Waitlisted at Purdue (In the top 4 on the list) Waitlisted for Villanova funding (#13 on a 24 person list) Feeling like a runner-up.