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  1. I'm applying to PhD programs and marketing myself as a 20th century Americanist, with sub interests in gender & sexuality theory and Southern literature.
  2. Does it say somewhere on the website that Berkeley prefers BA-only applicants and I'm just missing it?
  3. ?‍♀️Here! I'm going into my second year of my MA in the Fall (and first year of teaching!!), so I spent the majority of this summer just researching/narrowing down PhD programs, creating a study guide for the Subject Test, and drafting the bones of my SoP. I'm not retaking the GRE. For my writing sample, I'm bringing in a completed seminar paper to a Fall publication class for revision and feedback, so I didn't prioritize it this summer (although I did present a section of it at a conference for feedback and CV points). I'm currently looking into programs for 20th century American gender &
  4. In a three day conference, is it rude to only attend 2/3 days, especially if the day you're missing is the first day, when registration is scheduled but there are far less presenters? I'm trying to save some cash on hotels, but I really don't want to make a bad impression. I was going to email the conference and ask them if missing the first day is acceptable, but I figured I'd ask here first.
  5. I'm looking into PhD programs and I've narrowed it down to 15. My goal is to apply to 8-10, but I was wondering how to go about factoring in funding. Many of the programs are so ambiguous about the funding situation, but if they are Top 30 programs admitting such a small amount of students, can I assume that (at the very least, through teaching) the courses will be funded? It would be nice to know exactly how much the stipend would be (in order to factor in cost of living for the area), but I'll settle for knowing that it has some sort of guaranteed living stipend (and tuition coverage). I'm j
  6. I know this is has probably been asked before (with varying results), but how many applications do you think a PhD applicant should submit? I originally planned on sending out 10, especially since I'm only applying to schools within the top 30 rank (I know rank is somewhat arbitrary in some cases, but I have my reasons). But at $100+ a pop, I'm thinking maybe 8? Am I shooting myself in the foot? How many are y'all sending?
  7. I've been wondering the same thing. And who knows if the grad students even know? Just because it worked for them doesn't mean it's what the current committee prefers. SoPs are honestly what I'm most worried about because they're so crucial but so ambiguous. How do y'all find good SoP examples?
  8. This might sound like a stupid question, but how involved do emeritus professors tend to be? I've seen a few schools where the emeritus professors fit my interests perfectly, but I don't want to base a fit around retired professors with whom I might never see/take a class with/get to work with.
  9. I'm officially starting the process of looking into PhD programs (I graduate with my MA from UA in Spring 2019), and I was hoping to get some advice / recommendations for programs to look into, especially if the ranking sites can't be trusted. My interests lie in queerness (and gender in relation to queerness) in Southern Literature, 20th century onwards. I know the ranking sites have to be taken with a grain of salt, but I DO want to attend a prestigious university; the odds for employment are too low not to value the program's reputation. Here are my questions: - This one feels a littl
  10. I'm in my second semester of obtaining my Masters at UA and I was hoping to get a head start on my writing sample soon for PhD applications. My focus is exploring the relationship between Feminism and Queer Studies in the American South, 20th century onwards. I'm terrified that my writing sample won't be interesting enough or specific enough or too specific, if that makes sense. I know that my professors are my best resources for these sorts of questions, but I would rather approach them with a rough thesis than an "I have no idea what to do, please send help." I work best whe
  11. This is my first year in my M.A. program and I was wondering if I could get some advice about conferences. My university will only fund one conference a year, so I really want to make them count. I need my CV to look as impressive as possible for Ph.D. applications in two years (an anxiety I'm sure we all feel/ have felt). I'm on a fellowship my first year, so I have plenty of time to create a work from scratch, I'm just not sure which conferences to look into. I'm hoping to attend one in the Spring Semester. My focus is American lit, 19th century to modern day (I know, too br
  12. My girlfriend and I are definitely going in the Fall (MA in English Lit), and we are looking for a house now. The good news is, it seems to be a really inexpensive place to live, although I might be biased, only having lived in expensive places (FL and NY). Any info that y'all get and pass along about houses/realtors/neighborhoods would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Everything is in! I am officially going to The University of Alabama (for an MA), the proud winner of their Graduate Council Fellowship!! Pretty soon I'll have a challenging and rewarding education, a new home with my partner (who also got accepted, as a TA), a new dog, and a more than livable wage ($17,000 fellowship + part-time tutoring job + double income household). I could not be more excited about this chapter in my life!
  14. We applied to the same programs, but she didn't get accepted at Purdue. We both got into UA.
  15. Before, I thought that UA had my focus, but was lacking in rank. Now I know that Purdue has many more classes and high name professors in my interests, and specific resources for help with publication. All in all, I think that I've come to realize that Purdue is a better fit for my interests and has a more structured system in place for PhD application prep than UA, with or without the question of rank. I apologise if I seemed like a broken record by asking similar questions without presenting the new information directly enough. I guess I really need to be asking UA more questions, not
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