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  1. Tax Change Impact - Tuition Waivers Taxed!

    This needs a little bit of working on (e.g. a lot of commas missing), but it's awesome. Thanks!
  2. Tax Change Impact - Tuition Waivers Taxed!

    Some people are saying that was just passed isn’t the one that screws higher education. I’m confused?
  3. Schools and Controversies

    Interesting. But still! Ew!
  4. Schools and Controversies

    I just learned Trump went to U Penn (Wharton School for business). I needed to share that dreadful info with someone.
  5. Philadelphia, PA

    Sounds like what I'm accustomed to in Paris
  6. Philadelphia, PA

    How's transportation in general, particularly with the Main Line?
  7. I see. It still seems like you don't have a language that would help you with your applications, and your not intending to take any might be an issue for you? Are you sure Polish can't be helpful at all? Europe (continent) communicated at the time, and I know some censored French books had their readership in Northern/Eastern European countries. There might be some digging to do?
  8. Do you already have a second language? Doesn't the PhD require you to have two to three languages min. and at least one of them being relevant to your research?
  9. Philadelphia, PA

    Bumping this thread. Looking for an affordable studio/1br apartment in ("good") West Philly and Wynnefield and Overbrook, let me know if you hear of anything!
  10. Having a French lit background, I feel all early modern, modern and early contemp. periods in France have interacted a lot with Britain historically and artistically (and I'm specifically referring to literature, of course). The other way around seems to work as well, even in the history of book publishing. So I'd vouch for French, too! With my very small experience of the matter.
  11. 2017 Final Decisions

    Not going to school there but my dad lives in Orlando and I visit often 8) ! So maybe we can meet one day!
  12. Waitlist Movement

    So much last-minute movement!
  13. Biomedical engineering

    HEy, congrats on your acceptance! However, I'm not sure many people will be able to help you here, in the Literature section of Gradcafé
  14. Waitlist Movement

    Good luck!!!!
  15. Yup. i think you should try the coin trick, flip it and then see how you react!