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  1. Graceful Transitions?

    I also have short-term syndrome at my current master’s xD
  2. 2018 Acceptances

    Congrats! Wrong forum tho
  3. I'm pretty interested in where students go outside of academia. I was told by Rutgers people that the criticism you develop through a Ph.D. is very prized by different fields that aren't even necessarily related to pure Lit.
  4. I know there’s been debates about this: but don’t we know there’s a 2% chance we get a TT anyway?
  5. 2018 Acceptances

    Congratulations, @punctilious Hubby!
  6. Also because they won’t be making decisions before Spring break so they might as well push it back
  7. @WildeThing how is the funding for the NYU MA? Would there still be a lot of money to take out as loans?
  8. @EspritHabilewhat a precious piece of info that could change someone's life right now! @WildeThing please check this out!
  9. Well I want to draw your attention to how all these names are from the good ole canon. If we talk about race and feminism it's usually less circle jerk-y and more in business
  10. So sorry you're having a bad season. I know all the feels. Hang in there
  11. Fall 2018 French

    Haha! Maybe he's just blunt and in a hurry haha
  12. 2018 Acceptances

    I think it's a little too late, now, for funded MA's. But they can check them out!
  13. Thank you for saying this!
  14. I think a lot of their deadlines have passed, unfortunately. But yes it's worth the search!
  15. Fall 2018 French

    I think you can ask if there is a visiting day, and if not if there is a way you can go visit (insert day here if you have something in mind)? We’ve been receiving prospective students at my school so it seems it’s a possibility. Is that Professor French, @Saltshaker? Maybe a little too honest!