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  1. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    Thank you!
  2. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    Nope. First line of the course description says that the bookstore won't have them. At 20 bucks/ book, after rent and train and life, I won't have a stipend anymore ha.
  3. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    Hey!! How do you guys plan on getting the original francophone books you'll need for the program? Used books websites don't have them (usually), and on ebay and fnac they're really expensive *not including shipping*. Libraries seem out, too. Tips?
  4. Hey, all! Hopefully in a few years my school will let me try to do my doctorate with a French university so the diploma will be valid in France. I am a dual citizen who is in the US for a PhD but I want to keep my options open and probably go back to France to live and work after studying. I know I’d have to do the terribly frightening agrégation to teach as a Professor back home, but I’d be thrilled to read any “real life” experiences about finding employment and how French academia sees people with an American Ph.D. Any tips? Stories? Insight? Thanks!
  5. Sure. But you might need to play the game to some extent if you want to make progress in academia. I don't think (graduate) conferences are the worst part of professionalization in our domain...
  6. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    Nice! Maybe we'll run into each other (unbeknownst to us) when us NJ peeps move around!
  7. This is the piece of news I was looking for! Yay! Now good luck on you know what in the meantime:p
  8. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    That's awesome that you'll be in the actual city and not in a sketchy town somewhere haha. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask here as some of the peeps, if i understand correctly, are either French (like me!) or have experienced France. Hang in there and let all the *sigh*'s out is the only foreword you need I think And congratulations on the deferral!!
  9. Yanaka

    Living far(ish) from campus

    Not planning to do that in any case!
  10. Yanaka

    Living far(ish) from campus

    So, yes, I was talking with the grad director and although he doesn't seem enthusiastic about it, he didn't mention anything about it influencing my funding package. I probably should reach out to my other contacts there and ask about coursework + TA'ing--I've been sort of ignoring it since I won't be teaching the first year and figured I'd just move next year if the trips don't work out for me. Also I just want to stay in Philly and bury my head in the sand haha. He didn't say anything about "requirements," but did say that I need to be invested and active in the dpt.
  11. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    Yeah it's hard to tell, especially because they're so quieeeetttttt by email! It almost feels like their dpt is too French for their own "marketing" good haha. Good thing I have a good feeling from meeting some of the faculty in person... I want to visit again, too, although it's easier for me. If you ever want to visit soon and want to visit together, let me know!
  12. Yanaka

    Fall 2018 French

    So cool!! Rutgers is def. a really good option. What do you think of the choices you have now?
  13. Yanaka

    Living far(ish) from campus

    @Bleep_Bloop thank you for sharing your experience! Similar to my situation, with that. I'm surprised to hear about the delays, but I guess I shouldn't be--I did the trip there and back only once, so I can't really judge. I guess I'll only know if I make the trip several times. Did construction work start recently?
  14. Yanaka

    Commuting for a PhD...with kids?

    Thanks, @lemma! I think yes the issue is train cancelations and delays especially in our East Coast winter, but I wouldn't be using Amtrak because they are just a ridiculous nightmare. Interesting that you don't socialize more with your programs! It seems to really vary.
  15. Yanaka

    Living far(ish) from campus

    I'm bumping this thread so I don't need to create a new discussion. I'm thinking of commuting from my current city to New Brunswick with public transportation, which would be about an hour and a half each way with two trains. Anyone have other experiences of commuting using trains? I'm mostly worried about feeling stuck (like taking the exact same trains every day, not being very flexible especially in the morning), and feeling like you're not integrated with the department.

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