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  1. I reached out to a potential advisor about my research interests and my plan to apply at their university, who replied "I would be delighted to work with you, and this is something you can mention in your application materials." I'm totally lost and wondering how I'm meant to mention this in my application materials? Right now my SOP states something along the lines of "I'm interested in working with Dr. X," but should I add "who has agreed"? (obviously more eloquent than that?)
  2. @ExileFromAFutureTime I have many questions about FU overall as well as the English Studies program, so I will definitely be PM'ing you in the near future if you'd be willing to share your experience. The affordability of Germany's system is ridiculously appealing. Also, congrats on finishing up your MA and your PhD acceptances!
  3. I am wondering if anyone (ideally from personal experience) knows how much the reputation of the MA-level school matters in terms of getting into a top ranked US school for a PhD later on. I'm planning on pursuing English Literary/Critical Theory and my ultimate goal is to get into a highly reputable US school for my PhD, but am unfortunately in a state right now where I've limited my choices for an MA. I don't necessarily want to wait a year before re-applying to better schools for an MA, so I'm wondering if I should just go ahead with a school that isn't internationally renowned and just work as hard as I can during it? For context, the MA schools that I'm looking at are in the UK and Germany (Goldsmith's University and Freie University, respectively), so I'm particularly worried about them even being known in the US. Thanks in advance!
  4. The schools that I'm applying for look for a 15-20 page writing sample, but I've realized that with the endnotes (which themselves take up 3 pages), Works Cited, and title page, my submission is about 26 pages total. I include page numbers on the actual content of the essay, which is 20 pages. Is that fine or do schools mean the overall page count to be within 20 pages?
  5. I'm looking to complete an MA in English Literature (or related Humanities-disciplines like Critical/Cultural Theory etc). The UK has some of the highest-ranked postgrad schools for this in the top 20 lists, such as University College London and King's College, but their international fees are RIDICULOUS, like almost $40 000 CAD, and it doesn't seem like there are many scholarships available for international students. Does anyone have advice/experience about this Canadian-UK transition and if they could testify that it's worth it? Does the high rank and resources of the school offset the exorbitant cost?
  6. I'm applying for McGill's MA in English (which has its application deadline as January 15). I've noted that other grad schools have a separate deadline for the reference letters, with most of them stating that they should be received within 2 weeks of the deadline. McGill however has the deadline for everything, including reference letters, as January 15. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with what would happen if my reference does not submit the letter in on time? Would the application still be accepted if the letter is uploaded a few days late, or is it an automatic disqualification from being considered? Please let me know!!! Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey guys, I'm currently at U of T and am planning on applying for McGill's MA in English (deadline in a month-ish). 1. My CGPA at the moment is only a 3.4, but the minimum requirement is a 3.5. Off the bat, even though it's a slight difference, is it worth it at all to even apply? (Has anyone gotten into MA English at McGill with lower than 3.5?) I've noted that they place "emphasis" on the final two years, in which case my GPA is a 3.5, but they also don't say that they'll only look at the last two years. I made the fatal mistake of doing a double major of Ethics/Law which has totally lowered my grades, but am hoping for some lee-way in this by having a stellar SOP considering the law courses shouldn't even be relevant to my qualification as a literature student. Am also wondering what difference it would make if my final CGPA when I graduate in May 2019 is a 3.5, considering the application is due in January and they'll probably be giving out acceptances and such well before May... 2. I ultimately want to pursue an academic career related in Critical Theory, which is tied to literature but isn't rooted specifically in "English texts", i.e. not so much literary analyses of novels as much as their wide-ranging sociopolitical/philosophical/critical implications. If anyone has knowledge or experience, would having an MA in English be a justified basis to then continue with a PHD in Critical Theory? Would I be fulfilled in doing this MA? I'm not prepared to go abroad at the moment, and while U of T has the best MA in English in Canada, my undergrad experience has made me tired of the city, so McGill is really my ideal choice. I'm hoping for some positive answers :) Thanks for the help in advance!
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