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  1. Anybody applying? Thought I'd start a thread.
  2. I didn't know stats was an option, but I do have a background in stats and it's very relevant to my research interests (medicine, history of insurance, logic of insurance as applied to constitutional law)! This is very helpful.
  3. I am also just now applying in my 30s! On the one hand, any PhD program will be way more fun than my job. On the other hand, a bit concerned about my ongoing ability to stay up late reading...
  4. This is really helpful! I was actually thinking Spanish could be useful, both for potential contemporary field research, and historical research about reproductive health-related experimentation in Latin America/Caribbean. I feel fairly confident about getting up to speed from law side of things (I'm a recent graduate and took a lot of history-focused law courses) but I'm a little more concerned about history of medicine. Trying to read the classics and more contemporary work I'm interested is tough but fun, and I'm open to any suggestions folks who might be closer to the material have! I will
  5. Hi all - I am a practicing lawyer with a Masters in English who is applying to a handful of History and American Studies programs this year. I am especially interested in considering histories of law and medicine together with a focus on reproductive healthcare and patients as consumers. I am also very interested in the history of risk as a legal concept. I am planning to apply to Yale Am Studs, Penn History, Princeton History, NYU Am Stud, and probably a few others, but I am limited by geography. I did a lot of research on English PhD apps before going to law school, but I don't feel nearly a
  6. Yeah the website actually specifically says that all joint programs have to be approved by the city/state regents of New York and both programs and the university as a whole so only explicitly authorized programs are allowed.... I'm glad I decided to dig a little deeper But in my undergrad/MA experience, universities will let you do pretty much whatever you want if you ask enough people.
  7. That's what it says on the website, but I've been told by administration that it's doable to do the MPhil and JD together.
  8. Checking in, y'all. I just finished my first week of law school (just a short intro class, not even real classes) and I'm already so nervous about combining law school courses with a grad application. I rescheduled my GRE for (hopefully) the last time, but I'm going to have to be hella disciplined to study for that and write my apps and adjust to law school over the next few months. Somebody keep me accountable pls.
  9. Glad this thread exists! I graduated in 2014 with a BA/MA in English and have been working for 3 years. I'm aiming for a JD/PhD, so my situation is kind of weird. I'm getting my JD from Columbia, so I will probably only be applying to Columbia's English department (maybe NYU...), the stakes of which make me want to puke. My plan over the next few months is to: Take the GRE Prep all of my application materials over the summer so I don't have to worry about them during 1L Pin all my hopes and dreams on a program that explicitly says it rarely accepts GPAs as low as mi
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